1. Susan Miller

    This blog touched my heart as I felt the memories of Monday, November 17, 2014. We got a call that something was wrong with Daddy…I knew it was bad….and it was. He had sudden cardiac arrest and had died on the porch in a chair. He was pronounced dead the next morning around 7:30. I felt numb and powerless…the only way I have survived is through my belief in Jesus Christ and the fact that my daddy was a faithful follower of Jesus and that I will see him again. It was hard…and still is. But I found myself in the chapel of the hospital that night kneeling before God Almighty and asking him to heal my daddy. He did that by taking to himself. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us!

    • Rachel Goode

      Oh wow, I didn’t realize how quickly all of that happened. I am so sorry. Your faith through such a heartbreaking and unexpected loss is inspiring.

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