1. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for these precious words! Mother's Day is difficult when you don't have a mom or a child and your heart mourns for one and longs for the other.

  2. Thank you for this gift of words. I'm one of those who just bought another shower gift after another round of negative pregnancy tests. Thank for you seeing me.

  3. Thank you for this! I'm still single with no kids and long for a family of my own someday, but am thankful for the many children (from my own nieces to my friends' children to the kiddos I've taught over the years in Sunday school) who are part of my life and have allowed me to practice my "mothering" skills on them. It's nice to have mothers recognize their non-mother friends.

  4. As a mother who didn't have a child of my own until I was 35, this rang true and deep. Thank you for your sensitivity. And, as a mother who has now been waiting two years for a 2nd adoption, thanks for putting that at the top of your list too.
    I would add, thanks to my sisters, cousins, and friends, who let me love on their kids when I needed to fill an empty place in my heart. And sorry for not always being patient or understanding kids or your challenges.

    Happy Mother's Day to women everywhere!

  5. yet another reason i'm so very thankful for you. your words are so beautiful and especially meaningful. love you sweet, precious friend!

  6. Anonymous

    Poignant and thoughtful, I felt like this article was written for me! Thank you for recognizing non-mothers!

  7. Thank you… One of the deepest aches in my heart has been watching friends – one by one – seem to disappear as their families have grown. I'm not sure if they are afraid of hurting us??… My heart wants to cry out, "Don't you understand? You and your children are our JOY! Please don't take this joy from our lives…" It is especially difficult to watch my husband as now even his closest friend (blessed in the past few years with 2 children) seems to grow more and more distant. 🙁 Again, I thank you so much. God bless you!

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