1. I remember this post that you are referring to. It was always one of my favorites! You have such a way to turn that grief and see the other side. I cannot believe the strength that you held during that time and continue to hold today. I love you so much!

  2. Just read your post on We Are Grafted In. Thanks for sharing. As a mom who's lost a child, I agree with you about the "me too" and "I'm sorry."

  3. LOVE this! And so glad I found your blog! =) Someday I hope to adopt and you just reassured me about so many things! Thankyou friend!
    Much Love,

  4. 18 years ago, I lost a child at 17 weeks and I was devastated. Mostly because I was so young and naive…I had NEVER heard of miscarriage before and to make matters worse my own mother in law insisted that it was God's will (I couldn't bear that then). ANYWAY…I am thankful that women like you are ministering so openly through loss and pain. You are a blessing to me and so many others.

  5. Lorretta and Dana,
    How fitting that in my post about "me too," two of the five comments are from women who have also miscarried. You help the point sink into my heart. 🙂

    Thanks to all of you for being here, and Heather, I'm amazed that you still remember that post from so long ago! You're an incredible friend!!

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