1. Rachel,
    Not that I have any experience of international adoption, nor to I pretend to have a glimpse of your struggle, but I actually do "get it". I understand your heart, your words, your longing. I read your blog religiously and I ALWAYS feel inspired and blessed. Don't give up! You are a blessing to so many. My heart hurts when I see others respond in an insensitive way. It is difficult to live for a passion that others don't recognize. Nonetheless, keep pressing on and take comfort in knowing that the Almighty will sustain you!! I've grown to love you through the pouring out of your heart. Clearly you are one of HIS! Best wishes and God bless!!!

  2. Loved looking at these blogs! Thanks for posting! Hang in there! I am sure you get frustrated when you see that others are moving along faster, or what seems to be faster. But, God does have a plan, he hasn't forgotten about you. 🙂 It is just so perfect, he can't reveal it yet!!

  3. I would love to talk!! It looks like we may be traveling together afterall!! I think we are right after you on the list:)

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Julie, you made me cry! I can't tell you all what it means to have such sweet words from people whose hearts understand mine!

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