1. I'm so sorry for you and for the other families that where hoping to adopt from Uganda soon. I have another friend that was also hoping to adopt from there. We are praying that things resolve quickly there! May the LORD continue to show you His will and way…

  2. Oh how I feel the same way! I cannot think right now of going/adopting from another as God has laid Uganda so strongly on our hearts! I too am already in love with this country and I am resting and trusting in our Father as He already knows the plans He has for us!

  3. God bless your sweet heart. I am so sorry for your loss. We experienced something similar although not from a foreign country at all. You can read my post Shock and Awe (aheartthing.blogspot.com) about our experience. Praying for your sweet family and God's peace.

  4. I teared up at my desk reading your post. Please keep us updated. Praying for you, Brad, and Caroline and especially for the little one you love in Uganda.

  5. Oh Rachel I have SO been praying for your family. I know what loss you speak of …. when you lay your heart out for THAT child you ache for them alone. I miss carried my first baby and my heart will always ache for THAT child. I have loved others and will continue to love even more … but that one will never been in my arms and that is so hard. I LOVE all the sweet faces on your last post and I know God will show his will for your family soon. Keep us updated!

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