1. yeah…we heard that you should start telling your bank and getting nothing older than 2006 bills! I did not know that of the waterfall…that stinkos because I would LOVE to take a picture of it!

  2. All too true – roads are scary and boda boda's even scarier but in those moments you say "Yay God, if I am comin' home soon – it may be now!" Those were my thoughts many times on a boda boda! 😉

    Also be very careful when walking on the side of the road – you have zero rights – watch out! 🙂 It is a great adventure!:)

    I wore skirts and loose fitting capris and felt very appropriate. Justin wore pants (cargo like) all the time.

  3. good news…i looked up on the us government site where it showed all the restrictions you mentioned above and the waterfall you mentioned is not just any waterfall…its the Owen Falls Dam which is not really a waterfall but a dam! I was happy to see this because I want to take pictures of waterfalls in the nile river if we see any and we can do so! you just cant take a picture of the owen falls dam in jinja! :0)

  4. haha, funny, actually there were riots when I was there last year. And we were glued to the fence watching, and waving as they marched through the streets. So, we didn't exactly stay away, but they didn't have any beef with us, so we didn't think it was a problem. They actually waved back at us! And later that day they came and burned some tires in front of our gate (to protect us, not to hurt us) So, yes, it is probably common sense to stay away, and we were CRAZY-BRAVE not to but we were curious, and we were aware of what the riots were about, and it didn't have anything to do with 'mzungu' (white people). But it was dangerous, and people were killed, so yes! It's in your best interest to stay inside and lock the door if there are riots!

    Haha, I saw the same thing on the internet that said to stay away from riots, and felt so funny that I actually didn't! Oh well..

    Oh, and shorts are ok for guys in Kampala. Probably not a restaurant, but if you're just out walking or running to the store, no problem. I saw it alot, even with Ugandans. But I've heard it's only acceptable in Uganda.

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