1. I love your point of view!! My husband is biracial, I am white. We have two adorable children…. Jazmine has light skin & blue eyes, and Isaac has dark skin & brown eyes. We hope to one day soon adopt from Uganda.

    Thankfully we have not had to deal with comments about our family so far, but we do get the "looks". I can deal with that as long as people keep their mouths closed. I do know that once we do adopt the comments might actually start coming at that point. By then hopefully I will of read enough blogs of people adopting from afar that I will of learned how to deal with it. 🙂

    Blessings to you on your journey!!

  2. I have already realized the comments will probably come to us and so we are praying! I want to say the right thing when that time comes because I want to speak the truth and I also want to be a light for Christ! It saddens my heart SO MUCH that people in this world truly think some people are better or higher because of skin color or that you should only marry within your skin color…that makes me sick! I feel that once we all get to heaven, we will see so many more people of the bible being darker skinned than what we imagined growing up learning from our all white childrens bibles! Our identity is in Christ, not in the color of our skin! THANKS for posting this!

  3. I was VERY scared of comments! I was scared of MY reaction – I can tend to not be so loving and I did not want to grieve my Jesus by MY reaction BUT I have to tell you – I have not had any. I have had comments about the size of our family (which cracks me up because I often feel like there are many missing here) but nothing negative about him being black. There have been irratating things but not mean. The fear of it was way more than what has come to pass!

  4. Thanks so much for your comments. Shauna, it is such a comfort to hear that you haven't had to face this issue yet!! It's so good to hear from a voice of experience. (as well as from those who are still in the waiting phase with me!)

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