Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen is a songwriter Brad introduced me to when Caroline was a newborn.  One of the first songs she clearly enjoyed was his, as we’d dance her tears away to the line “I’ll be the one who loves you most.”

My sister just sent me a link to this video of another song, which was already a favorite of mine because of the lyrics. From what I can tell, he is searching for truth and not yet a Christian… I say “yet” because if he is not one already, then God is still using him to sing songs that scream out the gospel without him even knowing it. “There ain’t no reason things are this way […] but love will come set me free, I know it will.”

On top of the amazing lyrics, the images in this video blew me away. Lately, I feel like one of those people in the video… the ending is enough to make you weep, and wake us all up to the reality of what we ignore in this world! Please watch the video!

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