Prayer in the Harvest

The last few lines of Hillsong’s The Desert Song have haunted me ever since I sang them a few weeks ago at church. God is really shaking me lately… He is letting me know that something in me has to change.

The entire song is about the victory we can declare in Christ as we go through trials. My life, right now, is as good and “trial-free” as anyone’s I have ever seen. The last verse, however, is not about trials. It is about the good times, which Brad & I are definitely enjoying now:

“This is my prayer in the harvest

When favor & providence flow

I know I’m filled to be emptied again

The seed I’ve received I will sow”

Our life, right now, is too blessed to not be emptying ourselves out to others. If any of you reading this also pray for us, please pray that God would show us – and empower us – to give. I get nervous when I see that we’re moving into our nice house, as I finish my nice education, and continuing with our precious family and friends and endless blessings… I pray that we don’t get lulled by the lullaby of all that doesn’t matter. More than that, I pray that God lights a fire in our hearts to chase Him, and all He loves.

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