1. Hi! My name is Frances and we are also adoption from Uganda!!! We are working with Amani Baby Cottage in Texas…and Jinja, Uganda. We have been approved to adopt, finished our homestudy, and are waiting any minute for our referral!

    Who are you adopting through? It looks like we are in about the same stage of the journey. We should travel in 6-7 months…but then again…this is Africa! We have been there several times and can't wait to get back!

    I'd love to connect and chat! I am from Birmingham, AL originally and now live in the Atlanta area!

    Frances Worthington

  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that you guys were in the process of adopting… or that you had a blog! 🙂 I just saw Brad's link on facebook. What a blessing you will be to your sweet new baby – and what a blessing s/he will be to your family! I'm so excited that you are blogging about this so that we can all share with you in your journey!

    -Katie Byington

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