Don’t Waste Your Life

I read a book once called Don’t Waste Your Life. Lately I’m wondering… where did I put that book? And how can I follow its call?

I look at my life and think, what matters in it? … my husband, family, children… this adoption… any moment (though few) that I have spent in service to others… any precious moment when I finally allowed myself to truly worship God.
The rest in my life? Extra. Other. Yet it makes up the bulk of my day-to-day life. And I am remembering the feelings I once had as a young Christian, when I declared that I would go live in a hut in Africa… not because God had truly called me there, but because I couldn’t comprehend how else to fully give my life to Him.
And yes, I have a hard time giving my every day life to God. I do wish He would just pick me up and put me into some drastic form of ministry that I am too chicken to pick for myself. My heart breaks for Him to change me! Now! I can just feel my fleshly desires chaining me down — vanity, materialism, desire to “succeed” — and my spirit is screaming out for FREEDOM from these!
So let’s add to my waiting list — as we wait for this precious child, let’s also wait on the amazing work I KNOW God says He is faithful to complete in me. Please, Lord, do it soon!!!

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Ask & You Shall Receive 🙂
Birth Mother

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