Sharing the Hut

We have friends staying with us from Zambia. And that feels amazing, mostly because we love our friends Jacob and Libby, and they’re here sharing our patio instead of passing through our Facebook feed from across the globe. But there are other reasons it feels good, too. I feel my imagination stretch as we chat … [Read more…]

The Injustice of Grace

I’ve just had a deep, hard, soul-cleansing cry after reading about acquaintances of ours still dealing with grief over the death of their child.  Meanwhile, my chubby three month old son nuzzles against me, nursing as I read.  He’s falling asleep quickly, rubbing the tufted rolls of his wrists across heavy eyelids. I do not … [Read more…]

Baby Owen Coming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, God willing, our son Owen will be born. Our house is a flurry of cleaning and packing.  My stomach flips with pre-labor butterflies.  But my heart feels compelled to worship God quickly and simply here… to acknowledge the lavish and undeserved gifts he is giving us through this child. Advent began today — my … [Read more…]

Well… I’m Back

I’m writing again. I’m not sure why I’ve been gone.  This blog has certainly remained active during seasons far busier than the one I’m in.  (Although, to be fair to myself, I am getting used to full-time homeschooling while rennovating a still-kitchenless house and 3rd trimester pregnant! Shew!) Honestly, I think I was shrinking back … [Read more…]