Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best Bible Story Book for ages 2 to 102

Long ago, I made a list of books our family used for teaching preschoolers the Bible.

I've fallen in love again with The Big Picture Story Bible, and if you have children spanning various age groups, you may want to know why.

These days, we have a kindergartner and a three year old.

It makes it tricky to study Bible stories together.  The age gap matters.  And to be honest, I like a children's story book that feeds even my thirty year-old soul a bit.

We have many Bible storybooks we love.  But they're either too babyish for Caroline, or too advanced for Amelia.  We still love having them on hand for one-on-one reading, but lately, we've found the perfect solution for reading around our cereal bowls in the morning together.  It is age-appropriate for anyone, ages 2-102.  This book would even benefit teenagers.  (I've often considered bringing it as an aide in teaching youth Sunday school or small group, so teens can understand the basic themes of a Bible story before we study it from the Scripture itself.)

Reasons Why I Love The Big Picture Story Bible
  1. The book reminds children from story 1 (creation) to story 28 (Revelation) that every part of the Bible is really talking about Jesus.  (And I appreciate the reminder!)
  2. It's one of the few children's books that doesn't gloss over the dark sides of the Bible.  No, it doesn't highlight age-inappropriate things like incest, adultery, and everything else shocking in Scripture.  But it continually reveals that all people -- yes, with a special focus on God's people -- are rebellious, cruel, and miss the point.  There are several times in the book when God restores things to peace, and as I turn the page, my girls begin to moan, "Oh no! God's people are going to be mean again! They'll disobey! They'll forget!"  Amen.  Let's not be self-righteous Christians.  Let's always remember that WE forget God... that WE miss the point... that WE disobey.  And there is mercy and transformation in Jesus.
  3. There are some simple themes this storybook highlights from Genesis to Revelation:
    1. That God made a promise... which His people continually broke and rejected... and which He mercifully upheld for us anyway.
    2. God's Place - Began as Eden.  Became Canaan.  Symbolic of Heaven.
    3. God's Kingdom - Started in the Garden.  Became Israel.  But was leading up to a kingdom composed of His people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.
    4. God as King - He was King in the Garden.  People thought David was the "forever King." But really David was a foreshadowing of King Jesus.
    5. Believe God.  This book makes it clear that all sin stems from doubting God's goodness.
Just for fun, here are some clips from the book.
Get a copy for your family! 
I hope you love it like we do.

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Samuel said...

I'm surprised Caroline and Amelia aren't reading the Bible in Hebrew and Koine Greek.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet book. Thank you so much for the feedback. I will be buying this soon!