Well… I’m Back

I’m writing again.

I’m not sure why I’ve been gone.  This blog has certainly remained active during seasons far busier than the one I’m in.  (Although, to be fair to myself, I am getting used to full-time homeschooling while rennovating a still-kitchenless house and 3rd trimester pregnant! Shew!)

Honestly, I think I was shrinking back from responsibility.
Because this space is so often my ministry.  And it is my great joy to use words to glorify the One True Word.  Truly, I think it is one of my callings…

One that I laid aside.

And I miss it.

So… I’m back.  Is anyone still out there? 😉

I won’t get all serious and gushy just yet.  Let’s try an ice-breaker… the first 10 things that come to mind:

  1. Home renovations stink, but they’re rewarding.  And, when it’s too annoying, I never mind hiding out in my bedroom with a box of nerds and a good book. 🙂
  2. I love being pregnant. I’m praying for all my friends who want to become pregnant, EVERY SINGLE time I feel that euphoric “I can’t believe this is my miracle” kind of joy. You’re not forgotten.
  3. I LOVE 9th and 10th grade girls.  We have a new small group.  I laugh until my stomach hurts.
  4. My husband has either turned into the most supportive man in the world over the past two years, or I finally wised up and noticed just how amazing he is.  Really.  He’s an all-star dad, and he shows me a lot of tough love about  how I’m called to write more.  (Which makes me defensive.) And then he explains that all he wants is to send me to Starbucks for alone time doing what I love and feel called to do.  Oh.   Oh yeah.  I guess I shouldn’t be mad about that!
  5. My shorts are too tight.
  6. A neighbor came over to introduce herself an hour ago.  I was in a bathrobe.  With no makeup on.  Caroline had a milk mustache.  The girls were watching Sponge Bob.  I think most people don’t let their kids watch Sponge Bob.  I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.  It wasn’t a shining moment.
  7. My skin is so dry right now….
  8. Because I take baths all the time lately, (thus the bathrobe)….
  9. Which is weird because I’m usually a shower-every-other-day kind of girl….
  10. Don’t judge.  

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  1. p.s. our house is under renovation right now too…..and God seemed fit to make me leave the country for almost the entire time. 😉 When I want to complain about this part of our adoption process taking so long, I remind myself that I probably wouldn't be too happy at home right now either. 😉 I would love if both things would hurry up and finish soon though….October is my favorite month back home.

  2. Welcome back and God bless you in the final weeks before Your Blessed Gift from God arrives! I love how we can lift each other up and pray for each other even when we don't really know you that well or others that write too.
    If your neighbor found you just living your every day life, just the fact she came over to welcome you says that she does not mind a bit! How special to have a neighbor like that. In a few months you both will prob. laugh about it! YES, for good people living close by! God bless and be with you as you live for Him! And Bless that husband of yours for caring so much for you! You are truly blessed!

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