Our Big Secret

Father’s Day seems as good of a time as any to sweep the cobwebs off my little website and update you on our latest news…

I’m pregnant! (Nearly 15 weeks along.)

Caroline and Amelia are already the sweetest big sisters ever. My belly has never been so rubbed, patted, talked to, and kissed.

our friend (Mary Scott), Caroline, Amelia

The two bedroom apartment we moved into after the robbery won’t be the best place for our soon-to-be family of five, so we put the house hunt into overdrive.  We’re hoping to close on a sweet fixer-upper next week, but it’s a precarious situation, so I’m not sure whether they’ll accept our latest offer or not.  Of course I want the house, but it puts a knot in my stomach (in addition to the knot of our pear-sized baby) to imagine us as single-income, double-home owners.  That’s right.  We still own our Montgomery house.  It’s stays rented out, so it’s all good.

After the miscarriagerobbery one-two punch, I became a bit of a hold-my-breath-and-wait-for-the-bad-news type… I hate to admit.  So I’ve been silent on this blog, not sure whether the recent wave of blessings were ours to keep and tell about.  It’s been foolish.  I’ve missed out on seeing a lot of God’s presence these past few months. I’m ready to move forward with eyes wide open to Him!

So… secret’s out!
I hope your Father’s Day is as full of reasons to celebrate as ours is!

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  1. Jessica Taylor

    Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys. We miss you. Hopefully we can see yall in August!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! OH my we are due very close together. Yea!! The old Goode Small group Christmas babies πŸ˜‰

  3. Congratulations!!!! OH my we are due very close together. Yea!! The old Goode Small group Christmas babies πŸ˜‰

  4. Meredith

    Congratulations! Back in your waiting series, I asked you to pray for pregnancy after miscarriage, and thank you! I am 30 weeks pregnant! And, I'm SO happy for this evidence of redemption in your life. Thank you Lord!

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