1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, Rachel! Thanks for sharing it with me (got your email… so glad you reached out!!!) & for linking up with the heart+home crew. I'm tweeting, pinning, & sharing all over the place & we will join in as a family too. So wonderful! -lauren

  2. I heard about this from Lauren w/ MercyInk. Great idea! But I already bought their Easter outfits. So instead, I matched the amount I spent with a donation to Water282. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Lauren, as always, you're AMAZING and so good at connecting with many — and using that connection for good!

    The part about not buying new clothes is catchy, but not the point… so glad you know the heart of it. Thank you for helping provide clean water and Living Water!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! My parents were missionaries in Zambia!!! I spent most of my childhood in the capital city of Lusaka. I'm in!!!

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