Monday, February 25, 2013

Skip the Dress. Buy Water Instead. And Spread the Word!

last Easter

Easter is a big deal in our family.
Obviously, it's a big deal for all Christians. Our hope hinges upon the story of Easter.

But it's a really, really big day for our family in particular.  Both Brad (4/6/1980) and Amelia (4/6/2010) were born on Easter day.  I love remembering how heartsick I felt on Easter Day 2010, longing for our second child, totally unaware that God was bringing my baby into the world right then.

So you see why I love this holiday.

  • It represents my salvation (Christ's death and resurrection)...
  • My true love (Brad's birth)...
  • My answered prayers and lavish blessing (Amelia's birth).

The stores are now filling their shelves with chocolate eggs and pastel decorations.  I noticed bunny rabbit smocking on a child's Sunday dress this week, and nostalgia instantly welled up in me.  I immediately began searching online for similar sweet smocked Easter dresses for my two girls.


Until our friend Jacob came to stay at our house tonight.
He reminded me that Easter dresses aren't nearly as fun to buy as some other things...

Jacob moved to Zambia a couple years ago to begin a gospel-based water ministry.  Water282 brings physical water to villages through wells, while simultaneously telling villagers the hope found in Jesus, the Living Water.  (Click here to find out how you can get involved with his ministry.)

Jacob is not worried about what he'll wear to church on Easter Sunday.

He's not worried about what you will wear, either.

He's worried about the thousands of Zambians who live without access to clean, disease-free water, and with no knowledge of Jesus the Living Water.

He has an exciting challenge for you:

Are you in?
Skip buying Easter outfits this year.
Instead put the money towards providing water and the gospel to many in Zambia.

It's just one symbolic way we can say we choose loving like Christ over the materialism of our culture.
And truly... it just sounds fun! I cherish Easter too much to waste the season digging for dresses at Dillards.  Give me the chance to spread hope of Christ over that any day.  That is a way to celebrate!

So. See that image above?
Pin it.

Blog it.
Instagram it.
Share it on Facebook, Twitter, by email, with your friends and family and small groups and office.
Here's the link that goes with it.

If you would like stickers of the above image for your Sunday school class or family to wear on Easter day, email me at rachelgoode1 (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll see if we can make that happen!

Together, we can make a difference.

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Lauren {MERCY iNK} said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, Rachel! Thanks for sharing it with me (got your email... so glad you reached out!!!) & for linking up with the heart+home crew. I'm tweeting, pinning, & sharing all over the place & we will join in as a family too. So wonderful! -lauren

~ Rachel said...

I heard about this from Lauren w/ MercyInk. Great idea! But I already bought their Easter outfits. So instead, I matched the amount I spent with a donation to Water282. Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel Goode said...

Lauren, as always, you're AMAZING and so good at connecting with many -- and using that connection for good!

The part about not buying new clothes is catchy, but not the point... so glad you know the heart of it. Thank you for helping provide clean water and Living Water!

Misti said...

Oh my goodness!!! My parents were missionaries in Zambia!!! I spent most of my childhood in the capital city of Lusaka. I'm in!!!

Rachel Goode said...
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Rachel Goode said...
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Bradley Goode said...
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