If You Have a Life, Skip Reading This Nonsense

Have you noticed that, since having a pretty new blog design installed, I haven’t used many of my own pictures?  Things look too nice around here for me to ugly them up with my no-talent photography and bizarre sense of humor.  And so, I resort to borrowing pretty Pinterest shots.

Can you blame me, when my life is usually not so cool? Take a peek…

Yep, this is how my girls roll.
In crazy-shades.  All the time.
They even head to the library in this combo, on overcast, yet dry as can be days:
umbrella + rainboots + sunglasses
(You read that right.  Umbrella and sunglasses combo. When there’s no rain and little sun.)
…if you’re from the deep south, you know these play clothes they’re rocking aren’t Southern-proper.  No appliques, no frills, no smocking, no seersucker or gingham.  Sure, we own clothes like that. Yes we do.  They’re adorable (swoon!).  But they don’t find their way onto my wild girls’ shoulders very often.
I don’t fight it.  They look perfect sans-smocking. Smocking gets in the way of the party.
And lest you think my girls are the only reason I don’t reveal real-life, 
lest you think I am cool in the least… (you did think that, right? HA!)…
I’ll out myself, as well…

Right now, I’m hiding out in the bedroom, 
NOT at the awesome Mobile Mardi Gras parades and balls,
blogging NONSENSE (you’re welcome,) 
while I HIDE 
to eat olives.  
Because olives make Brad sick.  
This is normal Saturday night behavior for a woman still (barely) in her 20’s, right?

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  1. I spent my wild Saturday night hiding in my bedroom reading over some new homeschooling options for my four kids. That's a totally legit option for a 26 year old woman, right?

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