1. Anonymous

    Your words really touched my heart. I recently found out that I will never carry or give birth to my own children and it has been a heartbreaking time. I have not shared this with even my closest of girlfriends because I didn't want to get "those" looks- looks of pity, shared hurt or even guilt. After reading this I was able to turn to a very special sister in Christ and tell her how my heart has been broken and in sharing there has been the beginings of healing. Thank you again for allowing God to use your words and your hurts.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to tell me how this helped you. How amazing that God uses my hurt to help you, and your words to remind me that I should THINK about what I post and really make sure it's what GOD has for me to say. Oh I love how He lets us point each other to Him.

    I know you're grieving. I'm so sorry. But praise God that you're turning to Him and to friends in your pain, rather than turning inward and bitter. Let the healing begin.

  3. Rachel, your openness is admirable. How touching your words are to others. I can relate to the feeling of vulnerability, and how freeing it can be to open up. I pray for your continued healing, and thank you for sharing.

    Rachel Nuckolls

  4. We had a miscarriage over a year and a half ago. I was 10 weeks pregnant. I'm sorry for your loss. I know that people that encouraged me the most were other people who had also had miscarriages. It opened my eyes to how I can comfort others better. Also I just read your post on Christmas bringing hope in miscarriage, thank you so much!

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