1. amen, Rachel. i struggle with this, but you're right: we criticize the bride of Christ when we criticize the church. that doesn't mean we ignore it; there is a way to acknowledge what's been done wrong without criticizing.

    i remember reading in the summary of a book (i think by pete wilson) that although the church is flawed and messed up, the church is God's plan for spreading His kingdom. His only plan. and yes, we've messed up and we're broken, but He has chosen us as His church to bear witness to the world. that's a humbling consideration.

  2. "the church is God's plan for spreading His kingdom. His only plan."
    I have wondered, lately, if those unhappy with large corporate assemblies would be better suited starting home churches? But then, would they change? Would they help start other home churches or hold onto their "gains" and become corporate?

  3. Thank you both for that great quote.

    And you know, I do like the idea of home churches. Like the books if Acts. As home churches grow, though, they'll by nature look more like an organization, and the Bible makes provisions/guidelines for that too.

    I'm not picky. I just think we have to be in deep, life-sharing relationships with other believers. Jesus prayed for that. And we don't need to hate doing it. Find the joy and blessing in it!

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