1. Love this post! Might have to print it out and just start handing it to people when they ask about preschool for my boys next year! I am homeschooling them next yr too and its scary mostly bc im scared of what others will think of me. BUT if i can't do what i think is the right thing bc im scared of how my friends will judge me, then what kind of lesson is that teaching my kids! I never want them to do something bc everyone else is, yet thats even hard for me as an adult! Oh, and I have heard great things about sonlight : ) im going to use myfathers world kindergarden for Eli's "4k year." and also use it for shepard's 3k…. But water it down a lot. KEEP blogging about home-schooling please!

  2. We have decided this year to homeschool our children as well. We only have one right now, under 2, but I am praying and preparing hard, because I too said "never" about homeschooling. I was saved because of Christians in public schools, so it was challenging to overcome my attitude about the need for Christians there. However, the book "A Weed in the Church," the movies "Divided" and "IndoctriNation" and many articles I've read from the family-integrated ministry movement have changed my perspective completely.

    I fear I will be a terrible homeschool teacher. In Spain, where we are missionaries, people rely even more heavily on government schooling and really do think missionaries are insane for keeping their children home before they're 6 (in Spain they have 3, 4, and 5 year old kindergarten, no preschool).

    But I want to be obedient to the Lord and he has made his will for our family very clear.

    Thanks for sharing your reasons! I should think about and outline my own too.

  3. We are choosing to homeschool Duncan as well. I've already been doing "school" with him every morning and am looking forward to more instruction as he nears 4. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there. šŸ™‚

  4. We started homeschooling when our oldest was in kindergarten & he's in 5th grade now. On the tough days, I remind myself that we would have rough days with public school too. I used to get looks or comments from people if we were out running errands before school was out, but there are a lot more homeschoolers around now.

  5. Anonymous

    I stand behind you!! I so wish I could homeschool our boys!! You and C will do great. She is a smart little girl!!! -Jessica Taylor

  6. My Friend!

    My oldest is about to graduate from college–one more year. She was homeschooled for 8 of her 12 years (we started late) and it was the hardest and bestest decision we ever made. She is on Dean's list and was inducted into the honor society this past weekend. God did this and we were just faithful and obedient to let him do it. I could go on and on….

    Our two sons…one will graduate this year and the other enters high school and we'll make the final lap of our journey. Neither of them has known any different.

    The BIGGEST thing about it was this: we did not try to bring school home. We simply lived it out with them…which meant more character and wisdom training than an abundance of book work. There are some things I'd do differently about it–probably wished I'd had more support and confidence, but this was the grace of God for our family. Enjoy yourself.

  7. So proud of you!!! Your girls will never lack in any social skills…I have full confidence in that! 1- they have you as a mom 2- they have church and plenty of social opportunities there and 3- they are super social now and not to mention amazing!

  8. I loved hearing from everyone — especially the experiences some of you have ALREADY had with homeschool! Thanks for paving the way and making it easier on those of us who are just starting out! šŸ™‚

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