Monday, October 8, 2012

{9} How Comparison Can Jump-start Joy in Your Wait {+ a Choose Joy Conference!}


Comparison is the thief of joy only when we're making the wrong comparisons.

You can always find someone smarter, luckier, happier, prettier, more successful than you.  You can always find people with less problems, with lives sailing smoothly.  We find these people and lose our joy.

But there is a kind of comparison that is the start of joy... especially when all you know is crumbling around you.

When monstrous troubles bare their menacing fangs at us, we become engrossed by fear and the stench of that evil hot breath on our faces.  Problems bewitch us and the bad evidences become our only reality.


Until we gaze at the size of our great God.  
Compare a predicament to God, and it suddenly seems very small.


who is full of power and might inconceivable, yet...


was willing, because of love, to be born as a feeble infant whose murder thirty years later would provide hope to us, the hurting.

Is some obstacle swallowing you today? Some heart ache?
Is the weight more than you can bear?

Open your Bible. 
Open your prayer journal. 
Turn on worship music, sit on your knees, and open your heart.

Take your eyes off the problem, and look instead to the Solution.
Gaze at the One so great that your problems pale in comparison.

It's the only way comparison will ever bring you joy.


I'm speaking at a conference this February about waiting  and choosing joy.  If you're waiting on motherhood, this conference is for you.
Whether the wait is for pregnancy or for adoption,
whether for your first child or for your last,
we want to stand arm in arm with you and focus our eyes on the God who is bigger than our aches.

Registration starts this Tuesday, October 9!!!!


Your brave comments yesterday blessed me to no end. It's not too late to join that discussion!

Today, let's worship with our comments.
Consider telling us a way our great God came through for you.  Like this:

"When I was ____, God _____."

ex: When I was self-destructing, God glued me together with love.
or, When I was aching for a baby, God instead gave me more of Him until our adoption's sweet completion. 

You get the idea?


Please consider looking through the comments in this series 
and praying for our sisters who wait.


Waiting? Hurting? Comment or email me.
We'd love to pray for you all month.


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Anonymous said...

I truly needed this today. Thank you for your words. This series has touched my heart. Keep it coming!

Amber V. said...

Today WHEN I WAS tempted to doubt, tempted to hold onto idols of my heart & wishing for the long wait for answers & healing to be over now, GOD reminded me to hang onto Him because that is where my hope lies!

RACHEL said...

Beautiful, beautiful testimony, Amber! THANK you for being here!

Nicole Hyatt said...

Great point...I like your "comparison" : )

Gail @ said...

I like the point you make here. A nice twist on the quote. Thanks for this reminder.

RACHEL said...

So glad you all are here!