Sunday, October 7, 2012

{8} When There's No Proof of God Working as You Wait

It's a new week and maybe this will be the week you see progress towards all you're waiting for. There's enough hope in fresh starts to consider smiling on a Monday... except...

Except there is no evidence anything good is coming your way.  I thought about evidence a lot this weekend.  Standing under the twinkling lights of a classic Mobile, Alabama street party, where reality fades and all feels like that enchanted scene from the movie Big Fish... Do you remember that scene?

Big Fish, via
Mobile street party from my husband's phone

But twinkle and ambiance wane, and the harsh light of Monday morning blazes, revealing all we lack,
wait for,
ache for.
You only see proof of one thing: your prayers haven't been answered yet.

Big Fish, the morning after, via

You want to believe your prayers will be answered.  You want to claim the victory your pastor says you have in Christ.  But the facts around you are just so grim.

Last week, I saw doubt in the faces of my teenage Sunday school students.  I asked them this question: "If, when Christ died on the cross, He really won the battle over sin, sickness, and death, then why is this world still so sinful, sick, and full of death?"  They squirmed and shrugged their shoulders.

Don't we squirm under that same question?  If Jesus was victorious, then why am I, a Jesus-follower, feeling such defeat?  Christians believe we have hope for the afterlife, but where do we find our hope for a thousand harshly lit Mondays on planet Earth?

Where is the evidence that God is working in my wait?

These are the thoughts I had about you, and about evidence, as I stood at a street party Saturday night, gazing at a tree whose arms had caught a dozen fallen stars.  Abraham, too, once gazed up at a million glittering, twinkling lights, when God told him he'd be the start of a people as numerous as the stars in the sky.  And old Abraham with the barren wife? He believed God, rather than the crummy evidence.
"Against all hope, even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping -- believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, 'That's how many descendants you will have!'" Romans 4:18 NLT
Don't you love that verse!
Can we, like Abraham, believe in God's good plan for us... against all hope? Even when there is no reason for hope? Can we keep hoping? Believing?

This week, I issue you a challenge:
  1. Make a list of every "bad evidence" in your life... all those circumstances that make you feel like God isn't working for you right now.
  2. Pray over this list, confessing out loud that God is greater than [insert bad evidence here], regardless of what you see with your eyes.
  3. Ask God to give you faith that His timing is right and loving.

This week, we're claiming victory.
We're clutching it and celebrating it, despite all our eyes see.

If you're brave, share your crummy circumstances in the comment section using this format:
"I confess, God is greater than ___________."
ex: I confess, God is greater than my negative pregnancy test, my budget in the red, my singleness, etc.


As part of 31 Days to Finding God in Your Wait,
we'll talk all week about the idea of evidence, 
and Biblical proof that God likes to work against the odds.
Please join us?


Please consider looking through the comments in this series 
and praying for our sisters who wait.


Waiting? Hurting? Comment or email me.
We'd love to pray for you all month.


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katty said...

I confess, God is greater than my clinical depression

Anonymous said...

I confess: God is greater than my negative pregnancy tests.

I confess: God is greater than my 38 years.

I confess: God is greater than my poor timing.

I confess: God is greater than my anxieties.

I confess: God is greater than my fears.

I confess: God is greater than my doubt.

JessiAnn said...

I confess: God is greater than my infertility.

I confess: God is greater than my uncertainty.

I confess: God is greater than my "Mama" short-comings.

I confess: God is greater than my stress.

I confess: God is greater than fatigue and feelings of laziness.

RACHEL said...

You are BLESSING me with your brave honesty. Thank you, keep them coming. God is greater.

And so my words won't be cheap, I'll join you...

I confess, God is greater than my fear that I'm not called to great things in Him.

I confess, God is greater than the mediocrity I never want to stay in.

I confess, God is greater my wavering abilities, limited time, and selfish heart.

Marianne said...

I confess, God is greater than my fear for the reactions of my family.

I confess, God is greater than my grief.

I confess, God is greater than my fear.

I confess, God is greater than I ever could imagine!!

Kathy Sykes said...

I needed to read this so badly this week but still VERY uncertain but I am going to say it outload anyway.....

God is greater than my shaken and failing marriage. No matter what the end result, I do know HE is greater and has greater for me.

RACHEL said...

These are so good and yes, GOD IS GREATER than everything you are naming!

Amanda said...

God is greater than my past and mistakes.

God is greater than my doubt, insecurities, self-loathing, and fears.

God is greater than the men who "love" me.

God is greater than the darkness and uncertainty.

God is greater than my loneliness.

God is greater than my broken heart.

V said...

I confess that God is greater than the circumstances my daughter will be in tomorrow. God is greater and BIGGER,

Amy said...

I needed to read this post today. It perfectly describes how I was/am feeling. Today (and this weekend) felt like a huge "where are you God??" I'm still struggling to pray over my list but I will share it with you anyways:
God is greater than my nonexistent teaching contract.
God is greater than substitute jobs that drain me and make me question teaching as a career.
God is greater than rude or difficult students that challenge me.
God is greater than cancelled plane flights that prevent my sister from visiting home.
Today was a day full of "bad evidence." But, like Abraham, I will keep on hoping for something greater than my current circumstance.
Blessings to all of you!

Laura Boggess said...

What a wonderful journey you are taking us on. Haven't we all been in wait? Such good words here.

RACHEL said...

V and Amy, how I love what you wrote.
V -- I wonder how "things" (whatever they are) went with your daughter?

Laura, thank you for being here!

Zhanna said...

My husband and I are in that season of waiting.

And reading this post made my heart ache. Because it reminded me that we still have no answer.

Our finances are an absolute mess. We are struggling to make ends meet and as my husband is working on something new, hoping it will provide for our household, there is no progress.

We are claiming victory, praying hard, refusing to worry, and rebuking every ounce of disbelief, yet at the end of the day we fall into bed, holding back tears because there is this nagging fact that we will need to borrow money once again to pay the electric bill.

And you wonder when it will stop. You wonder when things will stop blowing up in your face.

I have a journal that is filled with all the things that need to be fixed. Things that need to change. And I have been praying over it.

But the waiting is hard. It's painful. And my grip at times gets tired. Where I feel like I cant hold on anymore.

And Hebrews 12:12 reminds me not to let go, "So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees."

Thank you for this series!

RACHEL said...

Zhanna, I'm praying for you. Your words are full of truth... I pray they sink sweet into your heart and strengthen you so much that this season can be counted pure joy, through the trials!

Mary said...

God is greater than the lack of communication I have from my Prodigal daughter.

MrsFarmer said...

God is greater than our almost three years of infertility struggles.

God is greater than 34 cycles of negative pregnancy tests.

God is greater than my grief and sorrow for being unable to have a baby.

God is greater than the trials of seeing so many women easily become pregnant and bear children when we've been unable to.

God is greater than my plans and hopes.