1. JessiAnn

    Waiting for a fourth pregnancy after losing a baby in 2010 to ectopic pregnancy. Lost right tube in process and have a lot of internal scar tissue. Lovig my two beautiful girls, but don't feel like our family is complete. I long to carry and nurse another baby.

  2. hannah

    This is so beautiful! A great reminder. It's so easy to forget that what we want may not actually be best for us. Thanks!

  3. Hannah, that's a really good point. It's hard to remember that we DON'T know what God's best for us really is. Thanks for putting it that way.

    JessiAnn, I'm adding you to my cork board and praying right now for you, and through October. I have two girls and can imagine how devastated I'll feel if we doubt the ability to add to our family down the road.

  4. Beautifully said – I loved reading this. So very true. I am writing a series (each Wednesday) on prayer, as there is so much to learn and grow in. And the ultimate goal is not to have our prayers answered as we wish, but as you said so well, to have HIM. (Visiting from Life in Bloom linkup.)

  5. wow, you read my mind. I literally discussed this very thing with some girl friends after a sermon at church on Sunday at prayer. I struggle with having faith in a God who has left so many unanswered prayers in my life. It hurts and I have a hard time trusting even though I know I should.

    I know I need to focus more on knowing HIM than knowing the answer to my prayers.

    Please pray for me that I will do that. Bookmarking this post to read over and over again when I need it.

  6. Cherry, I am going now to see your series on prayer… which fits hand in hand with all we're talking about here.

    Christina, you're so right. It's hard to keep faith when our prayers aren't answered. But you hit the nail on the head: what we hope to gain is HIM, not the CIRCUMSTANCES we wish for. Beautiful truth, thank you!

  7. hannah

    One thing we have to remember (and it can be so hard to do this!) is that God ALWAYS answers prayer — it's just not always in the timing that we want. And, sometimes, the answer may be no. It's hard when it is, but as others have said, we really don't know what is best for us. Only God does.

    P.S. I am really enjoying this series, thanks so much Rachel!

  8. Hannah,
    You make a good point that God always hears us and always works for the good of those who love Him.

    His actions can only be good and loving, because they come from Him — the source of all that is good and is love.

    Thank you so much for being here.

  9. amen. i needed to hear this. He is better than what i seek, and i forgot that. i probably will again. but He will turn my face back to Him each time, and i am unspeakably grateful for that.

    these words brought tears to my eyes: "Do you have faith that God is even better than the thing you seek?" i'm praying He teaches me to say an unhesitant yes to that in every moment.

  10. I'm like you, Annie. I forget, and He reminds me. Repeat. Repeat. Rinse, wash, repeat. 🙂

    He's so patient with us… even when we're complaining that He expects patience out of us!

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