1. Anonymous

    Our waits can be wasted if after the wait is done, we walk away forgetting all God taught us in our period of suffering. We might think in the midst of the wait we will never forget this heartache. It will always be fresh. But it won't. Use your wait to witness. Use your wait to grow. Use your wait for His glory. Otherwise, your wait has been a waste.

  2. Amber V.

    I wanted to stop by & thank you for giving of your time to share & challenge & encourage & so much more through this series this month. On the 31st the wait that I had shared & that you had prayed for ended. I got after 9 months of unknowns a diagnosis that explains what has kept me from being able to care for my kids these past months… lyme disease. So now I begin a new wait of figuring out treatment options, moving forward with it & hoping/praying that God in His great mercy has renewal of health for me. I will be taking much of what you shared in this series into this new wait. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Blessings to you & your family.

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