Monday, October 29, 2012

{30} Uncertainty Works FOR You in Your Wait

Writing this waiting series has blessed me and stretched me and worn me out and shown me how weak I am.

It is so much easier to write about myself in this space.  But it takes reliance on God to daily attempt pointing others to Him.  I rarely know what each post will hold as I sit down to type, but Jesus provides the daily manna of Himself to keep me going.  No more, no less.

I think often how I'd love to plan ahead.
I'd love to have my writings organized a week in advance...

and I bet you'd like to know the future as well.
You'd like to know now how and when your wait will turn out.

But we don't get to know the future.  We get to seek God.
We don't know answers.  But in the darkness, we nudge up closer to Him Who holds the keys.

There's a verse that says God's Word is a lamp for our feet.  Just for our feet.  Scripture doesn't tell us who we'll marry, whether we'll be healed, how our prayers will be answered.  We don't see miles down the road.  He illuminates just enough for us to take the next step.

So in the dark, we feel around for His hand.  We take hold of it, and of the lamp of His Word, and we march forward one step at a time.  When it gets scary, we grip Him all the more tightly.  And when we see beauty, we hear Him sing over us.  

There is a gift far greater than knowing what lies down the road.  We get to know God.  And if we have Him, if He is for us, then nothing can be against us.  Even the uncertainty is for us.  Even the uncertainty brings us more of Him.


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Anonymous said...

My oh my how I have always loved that verse but never thought of God lighting our feet as showing us just enough to make it a step ahead. Sometimes that's all I can think to do. But it is enough. Thank you, Rachel.

Amber V. said...

You've struck a chord so deep... it's my daily struggle not being able to "know". Not knowing what is happening to my body/health, all the whats, what ifs, whens... longing to be able to answer these & plan for the future & wondering if all that I'm hoping & praying for will come true. That I'll be able to have all those simple, beautiful pleasures again that I once took for granted but this is what I need to hear today & always. This has been my experience in the darkness & that verse you shared is illuminated in a whole new way. Thank you.