Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{3} Feeling Offbeat? You're Not Alone in Your Wait

Last night, I stood with friends in a crowded auditorium for the Kari Jobe concert.  You could hear the heart of God pulse His Presence into the room on tempo with the praises of His people.

God's cadence last night felt perfect.

Yet, I couldn't stop thinking of you.  Those of you who have commented and emailed.  Who are waiting.  Whose life rhythms are stuck in a perpetual downbeat.  Whose emotional hearts twitch in violent arrhythmia.

So I leaned over to my friend Cameron, and over the loud beating of a drum, we chatted about how universal this experience of painful waiting is.  At some point, we all find our feet dragging through sludge, while the masses seem to march forward in time.

Mid-concert, I glanced at my phone and saw an email from "Amy."  Amy told me about all she's waiting for.  She also said this:
"...just your initial post made me realize how un-alone I am in my waiting. Sometimes it feels like everyone else's life is so together and then there's little ol' me, still waiting. It's a relief to be wrong sometimes :)"
We are not alone.  So I closed my eyes and let my scratchy, pitiful singing voice be strengthened by body of Christ belting out communal praise around me.  I lifted my hands and my prayers for everyone reading these words and hurting.  And I prayed for God to enable the body of Christ  to carry forward the melody of praise for those whose voices are stuck in the ache.

Chad Riley Photography

Wouldn't you know it?  Just then, little Kari Jobe started to pray for those who are waiting. I got chills.
She said we're all waiting on something.
And she thanked God for the pain that reminds her to stay on her face.

And the whole room was praying and nodding and I could only smile as I prayed for all of you.
Sweet Jesus, He was ripping down the isolation and the lie that we're the only ones tempted to doubt God's tempo for our lives.

You are not alone in your wait.
You are not the only one tempted to doubt God's faithfulness.
He has not forgotten you.
And I pray the body of Christ would not forget you, either.

"Far be it from me 
that I should sin against the Lord 
by failing to pray for you." 
1 Samuel 12:23


Can you please help me pray for those who are waiting?
Those who hurt need to body of Christ to lift them up.
Please, read the comments to the posts of this series and 
pray for God to meet these sweet sisters in their wait.  
Pray for God to redeem the pain by bringing His Presence to them through it.
If you can click through to their blogs, 
please comment on their sites and let them know 
they are not alone.


Are you waiting? Hurting?
Comment or email.
We'll pray for you all month.


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Today was Day 3 of
31 Days of Waiting:
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Cameron said...

I love God's creative venues for sharing His truth with us. Thank you, friend, for being one of them.

Melanie said...

God does speak so much through waiting. What a great 31 day series!

I'm glad I found your blog via WIP Wednesday! We have a son who joined our family via adoption. He is 5 and is from Guatemala. We are in the process now of WAITING for an adoption from the Philippines :)

hannah said...

I'm waiting for restoration and renewal of a relationship. Somethings happened (unintentional, to my knowledge -- I don't think the person knows how I feel) and neither of us have been in contact for six months. Her silence, I'm not sure why, mine is due to the pain. But I miss having her in my life and have done my best to forgive her because I'm tired of anger. Now I've made the first step in attempting to contact her. It's been a step of faith.

elizabeth said...

A song that I have found to be very encouraging is "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller

Susan Stilwell said...

Beautiful, Rachel. Stuck in the wait - that's exactly how I feel sometimes. I thought it would pass with each of life's milestones. But the older I get, the more I realize that there will ALWAYS be something we're stuck waiting for!

At least until we're in His presence. In the meantime, I've learned to be content. Even in the wait.

Blessings to you!
Linking up from Walk With Him Wednesdays,
Susan in VA

Jenniffer said...

I am waiting to feel alive . . . waiting to grow up and really Know Joy in all circumstances.

Angela Mackey said...

YES YES YES! We all wait and we all wait in painful ways and we do not know what the waiting will do, but God has plans for us in the wait. Sometimes He says rest in the wait, sometimes He says do something in the wait...Praying as we all wait we listen for His voice behind us saying "This is the way, walk in it."

serendipity427 said...

That gave me goosebumps! I love when He does things like that! :)

RACHEL said...

I love hearing from y'all! It's encouraging in the midst of a LOT of hard work writing for this series.

Jennifer, Hannah, and Melanie: I'm putting you on my cork board and praying for you every day this month as you wait.

Elizabeth... I'm going to check out that song right now!

Mary Beth said...

Waiting is so hard. It seems like we are always waiting on something in some form or another. Thanks for sharing your experience and encouraging others. Thanks for linking up with WIP!

RACHEL said...

Mary Beth, thanks for stopping by. I always love hearing from those whose blogs I read. :)

Susan Hill said...

I also am in a 'wait' and I have felt as though I'm the only one around me in 'here'. But when I reach out for help {if I dare}, I usually find that's not so true. There's usually someone else feeling exactly the same as me. Thanks for this...and for your prayer. I could use one today. ;)

Joy said...

Oh. This was so good to read today. I'm waiting, my friends are waiting, we all hurt, and it's so easy to get impatient and frustrated. Thank you for this!

(and thank you for linking up at Life:Unmasked!)

RACHEL said...

Susan, it's true that we can FEEL so much more isolated in our struggle than is reality. I'm praying for you.

Joy, thank you for being here!

Cherry said...

Rachel, I love this series that you are doing - somehow, I came across your blog a few days ago, and am so thankful I did. Prayer is something that God is taking me deeper in (and I'm starting to write more on this topic, as well). And I agree wholeheartedly with you, that the purpose behind all our pain and all our waiting, is to draw us closer to Jesus. We've gone through some long periods of waiting, and of pain (and we are still waiting in some areas) - and it really becomes all worth it, for this is where He wants to be - totally depending on Him. I think it's so great how you are reaching out to comfort and walk alongside those who are waiting, encouraging them that they are not alone, and also, reminding us of the ultimate prize ... Jesus.

RACHEL said...

I hope you saw the comment I left on your blog earlier this week. We are talking about the same thing, really. :) Love to you.

Zhanna said...

So I am obviously bombarding your mailbox with my comments but Im just catching up on your posts and each one resonates with my heart, with the pain and frustration that I am feeling.

Again, thank you for this series. Thank you for the words that you pour in. They feel like a big, warm hug, reminding me to hold on.

Because it truly hurts. And Im sobbing my eyes out as I write this. But it's comforting to read that Christ has not forgotten me.

RACHEL said...

He hasn't forgotten you and never will!