Thursday, October 25, 2012

{26} Oh This Waiting Topic... and a free curriculum?

The Nester
God has started something in me.
This topic of waiting for Him... I have only scratched the surface.

This waiting topic taps into

our fears,
our motivations,
the purposes of suffering,
our reliance on God,
what or Who we love most.

I'm frustrated because there will only be five posts after this one about waiting.  Only five times to write during this 31 day challenge I took.  And I haven't delved into compelling Scripture stories, or Advent and Christ's return, or the connection between Sabbath Rest and waiting, or how our longings sometimes turn into idols.

So many of the things I want to say are still mysteries to me.  I see glimmers of truth that I can't wrap my mind around, much less verbalize.  So I continue to study.

So many of the things I want to say don't fit well in blog format.  I dream of creating a curriculum that walks readers through Biblical stories about and wisdom regarding waiting.  I want to point people to God's Word, and show them how to find those truths with their own eyes.

Oh, if I can write and direct to God those who wait for spouses, children, healing, forgiveness, opportunity... God, let it be.

This series will end after five more posts...
But there are still five posts to fill with truth.  And my own quest to understand waiting on God continues.

As I continue my studies, can you refer me to resources on waiting? Books, blogs, songs, curricula?
I had several books delivered to my Kindle today. I'll let you know how they are. (List below)

Also, would you be interested in a free curriculum about finding God in your wait? I think I'll get started writing it as soon as this series is over, then make it available for you to print from your computer.

Books I'll Read Soon About Waiting...
(and let you know how they are... I picked these because they were on topic and free or cheap to Kindle)

God Can't Sleep: Waiting for Daylight on Life's Dark Nights
Palmer Chinchen

The Ways of God (Finding Purpose Through Your Pain)
Cherie Hill

Waiting on God
Cherie Hill

Waiting on God
Andrew Murray


Please consider looking through the comments in this series 
and praying for our sisters who wait.


Waiting? Hurting? 
Have God-glorifying ideas for this series?
Comment or email me.
We'd love to pray for you all month.


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Misti said...

I don't want this series to end! I look forward to getting notification of a new post. Would love to have a curriculum. Thank you again for this series!!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me to be patient in God.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be interested in curriculum! What a great idea to help people dig into God's Word. You are a gifted writer! Oh, and "Waiting on God" by Andrew Murray is one of my favorite books. I have read it so many times. VB

Ashley said...

We adopting from Ethiopia and have been WAITING for 18 months. A friend told my mom about your blog and it has been such an encouragement. It is a daily task to keep focused on God's plan.

hannah said...

A curriculum would be neat.

And you asked for resources... Check out the song "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller. And "Even If" by Kutless is good, too

I have/am really enjoying this series!

RACHEL said...

Hannah, I'm checking these out. Thank you! Does anyone else know any good "waiting" resources?

Thank you all for the encouragement. I think about you every time I sit down to write. Thanks for letting me hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Re: waiting resources

One song I love is 'Waiting here for you' by Christy Nockels. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it in this series yet (sorry no time to go through and look).

Books: 'Waiting on God' by Andrew Murray (which has been mentioned) and an older book "Waiting; finding hope when God seems silent' by Ben Patterson (looks at the lives of Job and Abraham).

Blogs: I have been reading this one for about a year. Lots of waiting articles as the author has waited for children and now employment. She is also doing a waiting series this month.

I would love to know what resources others would recommend.


Amy said...

I agree with everyone else-- I don't want this series to end! (I know it already has, but I was out of town last weekend, so I'm just now catching up).

I HIGHLY encourage you to keep exploring this topic. Keep writing. You have so much to say and you have already blessed so many of us through your blog. I pray that you DO develop curriculum that "points people to God's Word, and show them how to find those truths with their own eyes"

You've already been doing that. :) I hope you never stop.