Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{25} We Wait for "The Fullness of Time"

Last night, we set out decorative pumpkins and roasted pecans and cakes and cheese straws.  I stood at a door smiling, welcoming, feeling awkward and excited, listening to the sound of women meeting each other for the first time.

We sat in a circle holding our poured coffee.  Within moments, we were pouring out our hearts.

Adoptive mothers are never strangers.  We immediately share a million emotions and experiences.

And we all know what it means to wait.

One mother endured eight years of infertility followed by a four year adoption process. I cried joy to hear her child is now home.

Another mother felt a dozen doors to ministry slam in her face before she found an orphanage in Uganda to invest her family's resources into... which led to her call to adopt.  Now, she waits.

Every mother's story was different last night.  But at some point, each of those women struggled in darkness.

And what does Genesis say about darkness?

"The earth was formless and empty..." 

(oh I've felt empty,) 

"...and darkness covered the deep waters..." 

(don't you know that dark feeling of near-drowning?) 

"..And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." 
Genesis 1:2. 

Yes!  In the place where dark waters nearly swallow you alive, there the Spirit of God hovers.  There is the place God prepares to make a new creation in you.

And each woman's testimony last night confirmed this truth.  The miracles of their stories always followed dimly lit doubts and pain.  Show me a Christian in darkness, and I'll show you the place where God's Spirit hovers and prepares.

These women's happy endings never came one moment too soon.  We laughed out loud through tears at how Jesus redeemed their pain and completed their stories.  All they waited for finally cracked through the night like a well-timed sunrise.  Dawn never breaks sooner than God ordains.

Doesn't Galatians 4:4 say it?
God sent his Son when "the fullness of time" had come.
And He sends answers to our prayers in the same "fullness of time."

Perhaps begging God to give us "now, now, now," is as tragic as babies born too soon to survive outside the womb.  Your God-story will birth in fullness of time.  We don't want it a day sooner.


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Annie said...

This is a beautiful post. I love these words, particularly, "Perhaps begging God to give us "now, now, now," is as tragic as babies born too soon to survive outside the womb. Your God-story will birth in fullness of time. We don't want it a day sooner." I'm breathing them deep into my soul.

Anonymous said...

Each post I read here is as a glass of water to my parched soul. I drink them in and the tears roll down. Thank you for writing them.

Also, I admire your ability to say something and then stop. Many people keep talking and diluting their thoughts with extra words. You don't.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Thank you for speaking God's truth and not minimizing anyone's wait, regardless of what they are waiting for (whether it be a child, marriage, job, health, salvation of a loved one, etc). Unfortunately I've read lately on some well-known Christian women's blogs that some waits are 'valid' (i.e. waiting for a child, adoption), others are not (i.e. waiting for a husband). As a single woman that is hurtful. I'm not sure why but sometimes when single women open up about the difficulty of waiting for marriage/family they get the "grass is always greener on the other side" comment which essentially negates or minimizes their waiting experience. I believe God uses different journeys for each of us and it's not so much what we are waiting for as whether we let the wait transform us and draw us near to God. So thank you again for not 'ranking' the importance of different waits. Your post was a breath of fresh air to me this week.

Blessings to you!

Cherry said...

I've missed reading your posts lately, as we have been gone on a trip - but so glad I stopped by again! This post was so encouraging to me today (as I am waiting for two of our grown kids to come back to God) - I loved your words about not wishing for the answer until "the fullness of time". So often we want to hurry things up, and it is not God's best timing. May He receive all the glory for His work in our children's lives, at just the right time! And also in mine, as He is allowing this "wait" to also teach me and draw me closer to Him, for His purposes.

RACHEL said...

These comments are all so thoughtful... many so constructive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I pray God bless you and fill you all -- and me -- with more of Him.