Monday, October 22, 2012

{23} The Most Important Thing To Do While You Wait

I've always believed my life has a distinct calling.  As early as grade school, I wondered what great chapter God had written for me.  I grew up hearing stories about God sparing my life from a congenital heart defect, and I instinctively assumed my living had purpose.  And perhaps one of my greatest waits has been hoping for that purpose to unfold.

Instead, my days have been common.

And yes, I still pray God's Spirit radically consume me so fully that I serve with the love of Mother Teresa, or preach with the passion of Paul, or follow God with the blind faith of Abraham.  But I am also at peace knowing God's fingerprints are all over the makings of my miraculous and ordinary life.

So yes, I wait for God to act.  My waiting shows I haven't given up hope.  He isn't finished changing me.

But my waiting is not passive. No Christian's wait is passive.

Until I know everything there is to learn about the Bible,
until I've experienced a thousand different ways to worship,
until I've mastered prayer without ceasing,
until I've given so much it should have hurt but instead caused me to laugh with joy...
until then, how can I be mad God doesn't give me more when I don't fully partake in the resources He already provided?

No matter what you're waiting for, God has gifted you with a great pause to prepare for what's next.  Don't only wait for supernatural intervention.  Also take advantage of the miracles He's already given us!  In the pain, in the suffering, between the ticks of the clock,
open your Holy Bible.  
Pray.  Give.  Serve. Be filled.

This time is meant to transform you.  Open yourself to being changed by Him.  He's already provided everything you need.
Let Him redeem these aching days by making them the season you became increasingly like Jesus.


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L.O.T. said...

Yes! This is great! Thank you!

Misti said...


Amy said...


Such wonderful words from you again! I am loving this series SO much. But I am also loving how God is using you to teach me and change me. :)

I certainly haven't arrived and God is still working in me, but right now I praise Him for all He has taught me just in these few weeks.

If you are so inclined, I've been blogging about my experience and what God is teaching me.
The posts are REALLY long, but I just wanted to share with you how you have impacted my life. A friend just blessed me by telling me how I changed her life and I wanted to do the same.



Anna said...

I've always believed my life had a distinct calling...I so relate to this! And now, I'm sort of realizing that maybe I'm not waiting for it, maybe I'm already all up in it. I think this is it! It looks a lot different than I expected, but I believe it is better.

RACHEL said...

Amy, I went to your blog. I love that we all minister to each other and remind each other daily what God already made clear!

Anna... Wise words. We're probably "already all up in it." ;) I love that.

Amy said...

Thank you Rachel! I love it too :D