Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{18} Waiting Mamas... Be My Travel Buddy?

 In May, an event planner in California contacted me about speaking in February at a faith-based adoption and/or infertility conference.

I always imagined I'd tell you about this in a very professional, nonchalant way. Because, *cough cough* I'm a professional speaker and writer and get asked to things like this all the time.  Right? Right?

(What? Are you calling my bluff?)

But the truth is, I squealed in the most unprofessional way, and called my husband saying, "Can you believe they asked me!?"  There is little on earth I love more than studying for talks, other than maybe writing what I learn about God.  And while I've taught in my own various churches and communities, this conference will be a new and exciting thing.

And to be totally honest... I think God has prepared me for this.

In fact, I'll be bummed if it's my first and last conference.
(Which is why I recently emailed yet another adoption conference leader and asked them to please consider me if one of their breakout speakers cancels... I know.  Nervy, right? Totally not  like me. But I'm willing to pursue what MIGHT turn out to be a calling.)

So... I have a question for you...

Do you want to come to the conference with me?
We can be buddies like these guys:

What is the conference?
It's called Choose Joy, and it's a faith-based conference for two groups of women:
  1. those who have struggled with infertility, and
  2. those who have adopted/are considering adoption, regardless of their ability to conceive.

Basically, it's a conference for women 
who know what it's like to wait for their children.
And no, we won't be telling women who ache to get pregnant
that adoption is the answer, nor will we tell women
waiting long on adoption to simply get pregnant.

Each woman is entitled to her own desires and leading from God.
We want to encourage and point to Christ. That's all.

Where is the conference?
It's in Orange County, California, (awesome!) which is reason enough to make the trip.  If you don't live nearby, have no fear... the conference is only $65(earlybird)-$75, leaving room in the budget for your flight.

When is it?
February 9, 2013

Where can I register and find out more?
Click the image below.  Earlybird registration ends November 8.
I hope you come!!!


Please consider looking through the comments in this series 
and praying for our sisters who wait.


Waiting? Hurting? 
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We'd love to pray for you all month.


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Kayla said...

This looks awesome! I am going to created for care in January and I think this is 2 weeks later. I think the budget can only handle airfare for one conference. However, this really does look awesome and I wish I could go! :)

Zhanna said...

If i could afford it, I would be there by your side in a heart beat!

SO exciting! I would squeal too! Who cares if it's not professional! Lol. We are human. And that kind of reaction only makes people love you even more. Because it's real.

And you do have the knowledge! When my husband and I start our adoption journey, please be ready. Because I will be calling you! Constantly. Hahaha.

Congrats dearest! So thrilled for you!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

This looks fantastic! So wish I wasn't soooooo far away. :(
I just found your series and I'm so happy for this ministry. What a gift you are providing. My story is a bit different... We have 4 kids on earth and lost three babies this past year. Soooooo, we are struggling with the why's. We have always been open to adoption and in fact tried to adopt twice over the years. We were happy with our brood of 4 and then God surprised us, and I mean SURPRISED us with another pregnancy last year. Though shocked, we would welcome this baby with all the love as the last 4. Unfortunately I ended up having a missed miscarriage and carried that baby until 14 wks. As if adding salt to our wounds, I found out I was pg again over this recent summer, and due at the exact same date as the last. I miscarried just about two months ago (same loss week as the baby before). My husband is a pastor - we know God is good and His grace is sufficient! The struggles can still be extremely painful and supporting each other in the trials is vital.

RACHEL said...

Oh how I wish y'all could come!

Kerry, your testimony breaks my heart but makes me praise God for the way you STILL KNOW God is good and all you need. Your faith and brave joy are inspiring. I cannot imagine all you've been through, but what a way to glorify God and show that He is worth more than any pain you ever endure. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm praying for you right now.

April & Matt said...

Tempting!! You know my heart in the subject!!

RACHEL said...

April, come on!!!!!!!!