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    Thank you for writing about God's truth – although that is not always popular (or what we want to hear). It is sad to me that so many people get caught up in the health, wealth and prosperity gospel. I can only imagine rather than lifting people up, it only makes people more frustrated as life doesn't seem to work out like it should be as disease, poverty, brokenness continue despite 'our best efforts.' I know I am a few days late in suggestions for this series, but I would love to see a post compiling resources that have helped others in the wait. Books, links to online sermons, verses, blogs, etc. Again thank you for your words and prayers. I have definitely learned new things this month. Although I still desire a husband and family, I have found that God has met me in this wait above and beyond what I would expect. Unfortunately for so long I was always looking for that "one thing" to fulfill me instead of allowing God to fill in the 'gaps' in His way/time. God bless, VB

  2. I'm your neighbor at Beholding Glory today. Great post! What's been particularly difficult for me is enduring the pain from others who don't understand or don't accept my doing of God's will and not their will. I don't know that I'm inspiring God-awe in them, but you just never can tell. Thanks.

  3. Light and shadow create art.
    Yes, they do, but we don't like it. As a writer, the most important character I create isn't my protagonist, it's my antagonist. He moves the action. He makes the story.
    But I don't want him in my life.
    I know that what doesn't kill me makes me strong, but I don't want to have to be strong.
    I want Eden back.

  4. I want Eden back, too! God has placed Eternity in our hearts… we were made to long for it. It's part of what we learn through waiting… that this world is not our home, and our wait — no matter what we think it's for — is ACTUALLY for Heaven, where we'll be in the intimate Presence of God!

    I love your comments, and all of you! Please keep leaving them. They light up my day!

  5. OH, so true! God's ways are upside down from this world…until we bend our mind, submit and accept him…we miss out on the beauty of pain…the pain of changing and being transformed!

  6. Do I believe patience and pain can reside in the same heart? Yes, in the heart of a person who truly understand God's grace and mercy. It is very difficult though (for me anyway) but I am striving to look toward his face for better understanding.

  7. Been diagnosed with tennis elbow (couple of weeks ago). Also have arthritis in my neck which gives me jip from time to time. Both are a reminder to me re: others' sufferings and keep me mindful to pray for those who are sick… so can praise God for this reminder. Also, grateful on the days when I have no pain. I don't understand pain but for the aforementioned reasons, can thank God.

  8. Wendy, that's such a great example of how you can use your pain to lead you to God's purposes (praying for others with compassion.) I love it. Thank you!

  9. woah. that is an intese but beautiful post.

    thank you for the beautiful reminder! some areas of my life hurt right now and it is good for me to be reminded that God's grace, mercy and glory are shining through the pain!!!

  10. Its why the book of Daniel clearly states that all will go through fire in the end times and those who are truly lovers of Jesus will come out refined while the rest will burn up and be destroyed.

    I think those who seek Christ for what He can give instead of seeking Him simply for who He is will have hard time saying "God is good" when storms pummel them to the ground.

    And what a clear perspective you provide when you state that you have only see those who truly suffered utter profound praises to the King.

    Such truth.

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