1. Amber V.

    I read your post yesterday & wished that I could find the right words to share my thoughts on what I needed in the difficult & life changing time of waiting we're in right now. But the comment from one of your readers that you shared today struck me in such a deep way because she put into words so eloquently a very real part of my own struggle in waiting. This echos my own journey & cuts right to the heart of it:

    "But staying involved is difficult and feels dangerous. The rawness oozes and stings. I still don't know how to make it beautiful.

    I would like to hear more on this, please. On staying present and alive and pursuing beauty and not wasting this precious life even though it feels as though everything is on hold. On patience and pain sitting together peacefully in my heart."

    Yes please! I am eager to see what is stirring & coming as we move forward together on this journey. Thank you for sharing & working to help us glorify the Lord in our waiting.

  2. Amber V.

    p.s. I just read through the whole series thus far & through all the comments. So many difficult journeys, so much pain & so many opportunities for the Lord to blow us away with His nearness as we seek to dig deeper into Him! I will be praying for my fellow "waiters" & wanted you to know what a blessing it was to read your interaction & affirmations sprinkled through the comments! I shared my journey a few days back on day 2 & I was wondering if I could please be added to your prayer list? Always thankful for an outlet of prayer for our family. Blessings to you & your beautiful family!

  3. Hi Amber,
    Yes! You are already on your list! I'm praying for you… for the chronic pain you're going through… for the frustration and the wait for diagnoses and relief… for your three sweet children and husband who so badly want you to be well. I actually thought of you the other day when visiting another blog. The Desiring God website had a post specifically about chronic pain. It might encourage you:


    I will keep praying for you. God is not going to let these trials go to waste. They will be used for beauty of far greater worth than whatever they've robbed from you so far. He will give you more of HIM in all of this.

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