1. Anonymous

    I look forward to reading you every day. This series, at this time in my life, is sent directly from God. Not only have I been waiting for so long, but I have been searching for how to make the wait beautiful.

    Earlier this year I became convicted of my misguided mindset: "Wait until… THEN I'll enjoy life and everything will be great!" I began to see this harmless phrase of anticipation had become a means of withdrawing until things went my way. Numbing everything to stop a specific pain; general anesthesia for an unspecified time.

    I'm fighting the battle to stay involved every day. To remain present and alive. Quelling that prideful desire to fold my hands and stare down fate in a "I'm just as stubborn as you," contest.

    But staying involved is difficult and feels dangerous. The rawness oozes and stings. I still don't know how to make it beautiful.

    I believe you're circling in on some ideas about that. I've read your thoughts of the wait as something which serves my relationship with God, rather than vice versa. I feel encouraged to let myself experience the sadness and to take comfort in Him, rather than to attempt to stand above the sadness.

    I would like to hear more on this, please. On staying present and alive and pursuing beauty and not wasting this precious life even though it feels as though everything is on hold. On patience and pain sitting together peacefully in my heart.

    I think we need to hear it over and over again. The concept is simple, but difficult to internalize and apply.

  2. I have been waiting for so long that I have lost track of what I am really waiting for- or maybe I never knew. But I know I am waiting because it feels like waiting. Never had I found someone who would address this issue and it has been healing for me to read your posts. I believe the Spirit is using you as His tool to get to me right now when I need it most. As I feel it, you are ministering to us the way you were meant to by God our Father.

  3. hannah

    I agree with the first comment. I have really enjoyed the series; the articles are good. They have helped me in my wait. Sometimes during the waiting process, we need encouragement. We need comfort and hope. But there comes a point when it's time to get up and move on with life. It's easy sometimes to let your life be defined as "waiting" but we need to live life even as we wait.

    Hopefully that all made sense!

  4. I have also been appreciating reading your posts in this series, and just encourage you to continue on as you have been doing. When we are waiting, we need constant encouragement from God, and your posts do that so well. Helping us to keep our eyes on Him, seeking Him above all, even above the answers that we are seeking Him for. You are doing really well with your words of truth and encouragement (by God's Spirit enabling you). I am in a series on prayer on my blog, as well, as I am asking God to take me deeper in prayer and trust. And I just used a quote from one of your recent posts (with a link to your post). Thanks much for your thoughts in this series!

  5. Have I ever said how much I love you all? Your comments stun me with their warmth, beauty, wisdom… thank you for blessing me, even when I'm trying to bless you. God always flips it on us like that, doesn't He?

  6. I love that you feel blessed even as you are blessing us!

    I've loved all your posts and they have been speaking directly to my heart on each day that they are written– they are exactly what I need to hear.

    If there is anything I want from your blog is that it will continue to encourage & minister to me (as it already is SO much) and that I will continue to find God in my waiting and not be burdened down by my circumstances.

  7. Thank you so much, Amy… I'm going to aim for that. God, help us all encourage each other here and SHOW US that you give us our circumstances NOT TO BE BURDENED, but to lead us to You!

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