1. I found your blog from We Are Grafted In. Thanks for the sweet comment on my post there. I love to hear of other grownups with CHD, it gives me lots of hope for my daughter! I also have CHD–transposition of the great veins. I also had two pregnancies and I'm doing great. Although I won't be running a marathon anytime soon! 🙂 I am so happy I found your blog!!!


    Ps. Thanks for quoting me in your Friday Flashback!! How humbling to see that. Blessings to you!

  2. Okay, so we're even more linked, because in addition to my tetralogy of fallot, I have transposition of the great veins! Small world. And I didn't even put together that you were the same Amy as the Friday Flashback quote. Perfect timing for you to see it and me to find out. I loved that article! I'm so glad to know about your blog and follow you!

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