Saturday, September 22, 2012

Want the Best T-Shirt Ever?

Yesterday was one of those glorious no-makeup, make progress on the house and internet days.  I spent it in my all time favorite yellow T, which features the shape of Africa and some of Jesus' last words before heading to heaven: "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." (John 14:18)

It's an awesome shirt.  Great design. Great verse.  It also comes in gray, which my husband has.

(I'm wondering if I should steal his gray one to make one of those cool Pinterest "cut up your big t-shirt and make a work-out tank" tops?  Fine, fine, I'll be nice. He can keep his shirt.)

Speaking of nice... I did something super-nice, just for you. :)
I asked my dear friend Lacy if she would sell these shirts to you.
You're welcome.  You're going to love your shirt.

Here's Lacy and her husband T.J., hanging out in the two versions of the t-shirt, waiting to adopt from Uganda.  

This couple is in love with a child they've never met, and on fire for Jesus.  Each shirt you purchase (for $25) helps reduce the insane cost of adoption.  Lacy's one of my favorite people on the planet, and these shirts are awesome.  You can't go wrong.


I'm making it easy for you. Copy and paste the following email, insert your sizes + shipping address, and email your order to  Lacy will respond and tell you how to pay your $25 per shirt.

(Mediums and smalls are limited, so act fast!)

I would like to order (quantity) shirts at $25 each for a total of $___.  My order is as follows: 
  • (quantity) yellow size S
  • (quantity) yellow size M
  • (quantity) yellow size L
  • (quantity) yellow size XL
  • (quantity) yellow size XXL
  • (quantity) gray size S
  • (quantity) gray size M
  • (quantity) gray size L
  • (quantity) gray size XL
Here is my shipping address: _______________________
Please respond with payment instructions. Thank you!


1001tears said...

I found your blog from We Are Grafted In. Thanks for the sweet comment on my post there. I love to hear of other grownups with CHD, it gives me lots of hope for my daughter! I also have CHD--transposition of the great veins. I also had two pregnancies and I'm doing great. Although I won't be running a marathon anytime soon! :) I am so happy I found your blog!!!


Ps. Thanks for quoting me in your Friday Flashback!! How humbling to see that. Blessings to you!

RACHEL said...

Okay, so we're even more linked, because in addition to my tetralogy of fallot, I have transposition of the great veins! Small world. And I didn't even put together that you were the same Amy as the Friday Flashback quote. Perfect timing for you to see it and me to find out. I loved that article! I'm so glad to know about your blog and follow you!

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