Monday, September 3, 2012

Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

I love getting mail.
Last week, I got something awesome.  You have to see!

{side note}

I think often about you who read here regularly.
If I could impart JUST ONE THING to you, 
it would not be that you adopt. 
(Shocker! See? I'm not as predictable as you thought!)

If I could impart just one thing to you, 
it would be a love for Scripture.
Only the Holy Spirit can cause you to love Jesus...
but perhaps I could persuade you to try opening His Word?

{end side note}

Back to the mail.  My dad sent me the best Bible study book!
If you have trouble understanding the relevance of the Old Testament, this book is for you.
Jesus is the point of it all, and He is written into every page of ancient text, even centuries before His birth.

Eat your heart out on some of my highlights below.
No, seriously.
Feel free to click on the picture below to enlarge it to scan these mind-blowing pages.

You want this book now. You know you do. :)

Each chapter also has a workbook-style section for personal study.  
Nothing helps me "own" my reading like charts and fill-in the blank. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. I draw charts on my own regularly!

(Once again, you probably want to enlarge the page and feast your eyes on some of the truths you'll be learning.)

Need accountability?  This book is organized so you can use it for a ten week group study.

Group discussion questions included.  You can even download weekly videos online for your group to watch together. (Similar to a Beth Moore format.)

I'm reading this book cover-to-cover as we speak.
But I'd love to do it with a group.

Just saying...

(Any Mobile people interested? Facebook me!)
As for you, GET THE BOOK! :)

*Author Nancy Guthrie obviously has no clue who I am. No one asked me to write this.  I simply think this book rocks and thought you ought to know about it.


Deidre said...

Been looking for a good study. I'm ordering this book now! Thanks for the suggestion!! Now, you just need to come to bham once a week to walk through it with me! :)

RACHEL said...

I want to come to Bham as SOON AS YOU GET YOUR BABY GIRLS! Although I might steal them. So you might not want me around. :)

Zhanna said...

Seriously, you are like my long lost sister! Lol!

As a teen and into my early 20's, I couldn't read through a chapter in the Old Testament even if my life depended on it. I always found it so boring. Sigh.

This year I have been studying it with a new set of eyes. And it's amazing what I'm learning. It's amazing what God has been pouring in to me with every chapter. My study journal is getting filled with goodies! Hehehe.

And I absolutely agree with you! I wish the same thing for every believer. That they would have a love for scripture! That they would hunger for it each and every day.

God's word is so good! It's filled with SO much treasure!

Aside from that, you're making me covet a little over that book your father sent you! Lol. I'll definitely have to get one for myself :)