Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Flashbacks: Hot vs. Cold Country Adoptions


I originally wrote this in November of 2009. The idea of "hot" and "cold" adoption countries still fascinates me today.

During our final social worker visit earlier this month, Claire asked us if we knew that Uganda was a "hot country." I love hot weather, but she was talking about something far, far better than that. She was talking about ease of attachment in the adoption process.

Many Latin American countries are also considered hot countries.  Places like China, Russia, and the Ukraine are "cold countries."  It refers to the level of affection children in the orphanage receive.  In hot countries, the culture is to touch, hug, kiss, and deeply nurture children's spirits.  In cold countries, the culture is much more reserved.  Even if the children are well fed and kept clean, they may not see as many smiles and hugs as our baby in Uganda.

So why am I so happy about this? Because my baby is being talked to, loved on, kissed and hugged and held. And I love that.  He/she will learn to attach to the caretakers... which means that he/she is learning to attach at all. This is important, because that is an emotional skill that is critical for later attachment to US, his/her FAMILY.  So three cheers for Uganda! Thanks to you for having a culture that will so greatly benefit our sweet baby!!