1. Oh how I NEEDED to hear this tonight. I needed to have this list come out of my head and heart and just appear neatly typed and nicely formatted before my eyes! Thank you!

    I am new to this… I mean WAY new. I've been a writer and a teacher/speaker/discipler for a long time. A quiet one…with no good outlet and about 3 years ago God said "Let there be!" over me and here I am. It took me until this year to muster up the courage to hammer my stake in blog-land and to garner up the courage to hit "publish" for all the world to see. And yeah, I quickly learned the world doesn't see much. But that's not my focus..God said "Let there be!" so I Be! And what He wants to do with it, is up to Him. But surely…every stinkin' thing on this list is coming true for me. I don't know where God will take me but I am desperate to be used up for His glory. And that's quite enough for me. God bless you!

    lorretta @Dancing On The Dash

  2. Jessica Taylor

    Well I do not blog but come to you blog everyday for words that I need or to be inspired everyday. And even though I know you in real life I have to admit I am a blog stalker!! I was just saying I wish I could have known you better when you were here in Montgomery.:D We miss you guys!! You are a inspiration to me and I thank you!!!

  3. Loretta, I know your blog! Thanks so much for encouraging me on mine. 🙂

    Jessica, I MISS seeing your precious baby girl with the big flowers on her headband! Maybe I'll make it up to Montgomery some Sunday before long.

  4. And what a blog you have started! Nothing narcissist going on at Heirs with Christ! Such a beautiful journey and testimony of faith and now you are the beautiful blonde adoptive mom encouraging so many others! Love the power or mulitplication!

  5. Blogging gave me the courage I needed to begin writing my book. More than just the blog came along to push me into actually doing it, but writing my blog helped. Tonight I'm reading through the final proof of my book before printing begins!

  6. I'm so glad this encouraged you to keep blogging! ("passingonthefaith")

    Donya, good for you for finishing your book!!! I'm still wondering if/when I'll get the courage to start one! You inspire me.

  7. I really loved this post. Being honest, when I first began to blog I was trying to fit in with the trends and felt lost! All because I want blogging about what mattered which is God working in my life. And now that I'm on that road, I have found a large amount of Christian bloggers who are really focused on telling His story.

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