Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wimps {Isaac & Mobile}

So, uh...
*cough cough*

This is embarrassing.
We evacuated from Mobile.  (They told us to! They MANDATED it!)
But... our friends all knew it was silly. They rolled their eyes. They stayed.

Turns out... we evacuated from our home for... rain. (Knock on wood that it stays just rain for Mobile! Praying Isaac isn't severe for anyone else.)

Caroline is traveling with her shower cap.  
Because if you leave your region at the threat of summer showers, you should at least have the necessary head gear. 


Rebecca Rainer said...

She is one of the coolest people in the universe. Be sure to tell her I said so.

RACHEL said...

I told her. Amelia overheard and said "Aunt Sister got lots of spankin's!"