Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's God's Plan for Your Life? {The Answer}

With a best friend, not writing!

I took last week off... no writing.
It was an attempt to clear my mind, focus on God, and determine a direction for my life and ministry.  (Because, of course, if you're a Christian, "life" = "ministry".  They are synonymous.)

However, in seven days, God did not write an answer across the clouds, or send visions in my sleep.  Once again, God reminds me I am seeking Him as a Person, for relationship, rather than some inanimate Magic Plan.  

I don't get to have answers; 
I get to have Him.  


My relationship to Him will grow as I grope in the dark, stepping only where His Light warms the Way.

My youth minister was right...  
When I was 16, I met my youth minister at a church camp cafeteria to ask HOW WILL I KNOW if God is really calling me to be a missionary to Africa... 
(Instead, I went to college, broke faith to fall flat on my face, and was redeemed by a God who brought Africa to me in the shape of my baby girl Amelia.)

But my youth minister had told me then, when I was 16, the key to knowing God's will for your life.
I didn't believe him then.  His answer was too ordinary.
It lacked excitement. Lacked magic.
It involved no fireworks or impressive acts of faith... only small, steadfast, daily obedience.

In that cafeteria as we perched on pastel stools and talked above the clatter of dishes washing...
my youth minister told me,
"The way to know God's path for your life is this:  Follow Him in the small daily steps.  Obey Him moment by moment, day by day.  At some point, you'll look up and realize that in the long run, you've gone far in the path of His will."

It's not dazzling, but it's truth.

5 Specific Things That God Wants from You {Knowing God's Will}

  1. God wants you to praise Him.  Verbally and non verbally.
  2. God wants you to know Him.  Our family praised a lot of Olympic athletes recently.  That doesn't mean we know them.  We need to KNOW the God you praise, intimately.  
  3. God wants you to know His Word.  We're insane: we seek God's particular plan for our tiny little lives without even striving to know the Master Plan He breathed into a Book for us to study and know.  We have unprecedented access to God's precious, holy Word.  Learn it!
  4. God wants you to support your husband (if you have one).  You'd think I'd have this one nailed... I have a smokin' hot preacher husband.  Even so, it took me a week of concentration to be reminded that I should give Brad the same encouragement I give any girl friend... and more.  We all have to kill selfishness and be loving, thoughtful, interested cheerleaders for our spouses, whether they "deserve" it or not.  I'm talking about basic friendship.
  5. God wants access to your whole life.  What's the point of worshiping a God bigger than the universe if we confine Him to a teeny corner of our lives?

God, guide our daily steps.
Let us be more interested in knowing You than knowing Your plans.


Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

Beautiful post, Rachel. I'm seriously so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for the encouragement, even if it seems "simple" or firework-free :) It's His truth, and that changes us.
Emailing you now ;)

RACHEL said...

Lauren, you are awesome. I'm so glad we've "met" each other!!!