1. Adoptions do inspire more adoptions, and praise the Lord for that. When I hear the negative on international adoption, I just praise God for allowing transformation to happen in my life. I'm thankful for the opportunity to testify what God has called our family to do. It's ok when people say their ugliness because I will be obedient to God's call to defend the orphan…ALL orphans. Blessed to defend my faith, and I'm blessed to hear others like you speak truth to the world. Loved the interviews!

  2. Hello there and thank you for your post. I am too an adoptive Mother a a precious little boy from Guatemala and yes, there are those who complain about international adoptions, etc, etc…but I find peace in thinking that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that, as you said, adoption does inspire more adoption, and Praise the Lord for that! Like I tell my son, "we are all adopted into the family of God, even Jesus was adopted by Joseph." Adoption, I believe, is a very important relationship in the heart of the Great God that we serve and I feel honored that He called a sinner like me, to adopt. Praise the Lord, for His love endures forever! thanks for your post and blessings to you always. I'm visiting from Grace Alone link up.

  3. Ha, love this! I bristeled at some of those comments too! Why do people think its a competition? People should adopt themselves before they begin slamming families and agencies that choose international adoption. Good grief! So glad you are getting to share your journey in Mobile 🙂

  4. Rachel- I got a negative comment on Apartment Therapy about some photos of V's birthday party and it had me all twisted out of sorts- any kind of criticism hurts so I can only imagine the fury you felt at these! So sad! I think the Lord lays international adoption on some hearts the way he lays domestic on others. It's like people who make it their life's work to protect whales while I have no passion for sealife- we're all here to do something different, and we each have our own perfect part to play. Ignore those naysayers 🙂

  5. Besides loving your sweet comment Laura… you were on Apartment Therapy!? I want to see footage!! Had so much fun with you yesterday!!!

  6. She is going to *love* this when she gets older! I don't really understand this argument over domestic/international adoption. All children are valued and created by God and deserving of a loving home. Anytime a child is loved and cared for by a family is a *win*!

  7. This is awesome! And you are right…usually adopters adopt again, and again. A child, is a child, is a child. God leads us in the path He wants for a purpose. Bless you for taking one of His children who needed a family into your home. 🙂

  8. Love it! Hubby and I have discussed adoption as something we definitely want to do someday when we're a little more financially stable. I'm looking forward to it– meanwhile just trying to learn how to be a mommy to my own poor child who had no choice but to be mine! LOL. Hopping over from Rachel Anne's blog, and I'm doing a Girlcott on mine today if you'd like to stop by! You might enjoy it!

  9. Love it!

    You can't please everyone. So please God and be confident in that. The tragedy is that people value any human over another. God calls people to different things, period. He uses each of us for his glory. I'm so glad you have obeyed God on your calling 🙂

    We adopted domestically, and we are a trans-racial family. You know, we have been pleasantly surprised that most of our "feedback" from others has been positive. But the most regular "negative" feedback we get is when they ask where our son is from, and we tell them "Nashville". And they are like "I know you got him IN Nashville, but where was he born?" And I still say "NASHVILLE". lol. And then they just don't know what to think… they aren't necessarily "against" it, but they have to process it. (So they kind of are uncomfortable with it, they just weren't aware that they were). In my experience a greater number of people are more ok with trans-racial adoption from another country, but when trans-racial adoption occurs from a white family domestically, some want want to know why we "didn't just get a white child". *rolling my eyes*

    We think we are done with expanding our family, but are open to it if God were to call us to it in the future. At that point I think we would adopt domestically again, an older child. (Because that's where God led our hearts… not because it's "better".)

    Nice to "meet" you! visiting from company girls.

  10. I have a friend who adopted both internationally and locally. One chinese. One First Nations Canadian (Indian). I think anyone who is willing to open their home to any child is blessed.

    PS when you find out how to keep little girls' skirts down, could you let me know. My 9 year old really still needs guidance on that one.

  11. Loved it!! I missed the "whoopsie" moment the first time around and had to rewind to see it! Thank you for sharing your story and your family….it is so awesome to see how God puts families together in such a beautiful way. I pray big blessings on you as you continue to share and impact others.

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