1. Your girls are beautiful 🙂
    And I appreciate your heart in this HIV series. We adopted twice and have some friends who did adopt a little one who is HIV +

  2. I hope we can say we adopted twice before too many years go by! Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to check out your blog now…

  3. The thought of adopting has entered my mind many times, but never a child with HIV. Literally, I have never considered the number of children who have HIV that need parents.Thank you for raising awareness for this. I want to read through your series with a very open heart.

    • What a perfect comment! Truly, you made my day. What more could I hope for than someone prayerfully considering whether they can love a child with HIV, for the glory of God? I pray God soften all our hearts, and THANK YOU for stopping to write and say that you are open…

  4. rachel — with a heart for adoption, I read your blog with a heavy but hopeful heart. Thanks for sharing, friend, from your close perspective. Excited to read more.

  5. Anonymous

    I have to post anonymously because I do love 2 precious children who are orphaned-no-more and hiv+. They are my best friend's children and because of the possible stigma, all of us who know (there are very few) are careful to protect them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a million times over. My heart bursts with thankfulness that there are people speaking up for these children who need more people to say YES. It isn't scary and isn't hard. In fact when my friend had to travel to adopt her daughter, I kept her son at my house for 9 days. I treated his hiv by giving him his meds twice a day. And that was it. It really does keep the disease at bay and lets these kids live a long, happy, normal life. Again, THANK YOU!

  6. To the anonymous poster – THANK YOU for your comment! This is just another proof that MOMS ARE DOING THIS IMPORTANT and NOT ALL THAT HARD WORK! The stigma is the worst part. The rest is so much easier than almost any other parenting issue. Please, if you know an HIV+ child, comment on how their life is honestly! Let's expose the lie of the stigma!

    Cameron… love you!

  7. Friend, you know I love this!! 🙂 Loved it the first time you did it and so thankful you are posting it again.

    Sweet Sampson touched so many people. I am so thankful that his memory is still alive and God is still using his life to change so many others. I think about him on a daily basis and my heart still wished he was home with us. Looking forward to seeing him in his healed body!!

    Keep on spreading so many truths on your blog!! LOVE IT!

  8. Hi Rachel: Thank you again for speaking truth! And thank you for linking up at mercyINKblog.com – will be featuring your post tomorrow 🙂 Hope you'll join in again this week.

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