Saturday, August 18, 2012

Links for Your Weekend

Some great reads for you:

  • Because I hardly make it through a week without directing you to Ann Voskamp's blog, read this.  Chills.  Here's a taste:
"How can we who are saved, who are resting on the wood and righteousness of that Cross, look at a whole world out there drowning in a veritable storm of darkness and just breathe this happy relief that we’ve been plucked out to safety? [...No one can earn salvation in Christ but don’t we spend our lives thanking Christ for it?"

  • A T.V. preacher said some pretty terrible things about adoption... especially adopting kids with special needs.  I think this video is a fantastic counter arguement. It's not about adoption.  It's about loving life, from the perspective of a woman with Downs Syndrome. Phenomenal.

  • One last incredible quote...
does not promise 
to lead us in paths of 
prosperity or popularity
paths of 
comfort or temporary happiness
He promises to lead us in 
paths of righteousness, 
which means 
God will sometimes lead us into 
for our holiness. 
And this is good for us. 
It is good because 
in those moments 
we hold tightly to Him 
and in those moments 
we are conformed more 
to the image of His Son. 
This results in our joy.
-- Eric Geiger

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