Monday, August 20, 2012

Arms and a Heart that Ache

I recently braced my two sleeping girls against me while riding the helm of a speeding boat through choppy water.  The three of us were sandy, wet, exhausted, skin tender from a day in the sun.  My arms ached as we bounced.  I absorbed as much of each jolt as I could for them.

In every direction, I saw expansive, glittering water and felt as though I were shrinking in light of God's bigness.  He creates endless oceans with a mere sigh.  My arms and heart were equally full and sore in the beauty of that moment.

Dear God, 
may You always fill my arms 
with burdens sweet 
until I can lift no more.

May You load me heavily with Your good, joy-giving work... 
while simultaneously showing me how tiny I am... 
how reliant on You.

Don't strip me of responsibility.
Don't leave me empty, selfish, without purpose.

Show me my tiny place in Your Infinite Plan.
Heap on all You'll empower me to take.
Good work that points to You.
Give me that joy.

Allow me always 
arms and heart so full 
that they ache 
as I gaze at Who You Are.

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Stefanie Brown said...

(Visiting from Playdates with God)

Lovely visual and strong truth!

Have a blessed Monday...

Lorretta said...


There are days when I complain of my sore arms and burdens until I realize how much more emptiness hurts.

Thanks Rachel

RACHEL said...

I am soaking in your comment. So true and so beautifully said!