Tuesday, August 21, 2012

12 Luxuries I Shouldn't Take for Granted

I recently found a list I wrote while in Uganda.
It was a list of things I said I'd "never again take for granted when we get home."

I read the list and a) chuckled and b) smacked my forehead.

I do, in fact, take most of these things for granted now.  Except #11.  In Uganda, I washed every article of clothing by hand for weeks.  Mine. Brad's. Amelia's.  It qualifies as manual labor.  Don't laugh at me until you've tried to scrub red African dirt out of a white t-shirt.  I still hug my washing machine and give it Valentine cards.

12 Things {I Thought While in Uganda} I'd Never Take for Granted When I Returned Home
  1. quilted toilet paper
  2. tap water safe for brushing teeth, washing dishes, making formula, and cooking
  3. air conditioning
  4. being able to drive myself around
  5. that most other drivers around me aren't nuts
  6. good roads
  7. mosquitoes that don't cause malaria
  8. that my gas stove lights itself
  9. cooking pans that have actual lids and are made of something other than cheap aluminum (I have a blistering steam burn on my arm from trying to peel an aluminum cooking sheet off of a boiling pot of water with an anxious baby on my hip!)  [Update: Today, this is a weird purple scar!]
  10. canned soup and other convenient lunch food that takes less than 2 hours to cook!
  11. washing machines and dryers
  12. my hair straightener
Yep. Next time I go to Uganda, I'm bringing my hair straightener. :)
Too bad the washing machine won't fit in a carry-on!


Kait said...

I didn't expect it to be so hard to feed my kids while we were in Uganda. It seems weird, right? At home we eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, mostly homemade stuff, not quick foods. But in Uganda it was so much harder - I didn't have my fully stocked kitchen, my pots and pans, a grocery store right down the street or the ability to drive myself there.

And water. Oh my goodness. I've never thought about how much I appreciate clean water.

RACHEL said...

So true! It's funny... getting to complain about Uganda feels more like BRAGGING. Because as "hard" as it is, Uganda is that much more clarifying, amazing, life-changing of a place to be. They lack the excess that causes our soul-rot, and they have excess of the strength, the grace, the laughter, the dependence on God.

I want to go back!!

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