Monday, July 9, 2012

Who's This Blog For, Anyway? {Only What's Done for Christ Will Last}

Oh, you aren't a licensed therapist?  Pull up a chair anyway.  I need your help.

Christian blogging feels a bit like multiple personality disorder.  By posting God's truths, I hope I never imply that I perfectly live them.  I'm sure you can read right through the God-talk to see that I'm a mess just like you.  (No offense.)  Of course, God's Spirit helps me immensely in practical living.  He's not just theory.  He is All that's good in me.  But that just means He's great... not me.

Here's the other odd thing about Christian blogging.  To be a witness online, you have to, you know, REACH people online.  Which means I want to attract readers and share bits of my life with them.  Women seem most likely to read blogs that share the LIVES of other women... not just bits of theological information, glorious as those are.  While my blog would probably be BEST if it were nothing but copied and pasted chunks of the Bible... that wouldn't be MY witness. And I have a feeling few people would stop by around here.  For whatever reason, we like a personal touch.

And if it takes a personal touch to lure you in for a blast of God-talk, then you're in luck.
I just happen to LOVE personal-touch-blogging.

Which is tricky.  Because there's always that thin line where I'm...
oh, say...
so newly addicted to the glories of Pinterest that perhaps I spend several hours learning to create images for Waiting Wednesday quotes, and then waste thirty minutes repinning every article of clothing and home decor that my friends liked earlier that day.

What am I saying?
What's my point?
Hmm... let me log off of Pinterest so I can think clearly to tell you.

My point is this:
It's sometimes hard to discern whether I'm trying to glorify God, or if I'm making a fun game out of this blogging/online socializing hobby that I love.  A hobby that happens to sometimes turn into too much about me until I refocus it back on the Lord.

Maybe, by admitting that out loud, I can be a little more genuine.
Maybe, you can pray with me that this space would be about God.  Yes, through the lense of my own life, experiences, preferences, and ridiculousness... but wholly owned by God.

My confession: "Sometimes, when I think I'm blogging for God, I realize I was doing it for me."

It's not bad that I looooooove blogging.
I just pray that I love it because it glorifies the God I love even more.
(and not because it glorifies me.)

Why am I telling you this?
Well, some of you blog.  Apply it to your own web spaces.
And pray for me.  I'd like my work on earth to stick around.

"Only one life
twill soon be passed.
Only what's done for Christ will last."
- C.T. Studd


Christen Price said...

So true friend! I am so happy we got to chat the other day...thanks for listening :)

RACHEL said...

I loved talking to you and so needed that!!!!