Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Tragedy Ends the Story


Sometimes, life is ugly-messy.

I want everything to have a purpose.  It's one of the reasons I write.  When God takes a tragedy and redeems it -- when hope rises out of despair into victory -- those are things I want to write down.  Conflict, check. Divine Resolution, check.   I used to love fiction, but the more restoration God performs in my sight, the more obsessed I am with all that actually happens on this wild, reeling globe.  I am becoming a nonfiction kind of girl. 

But sometimes, Ugly and Awful end the story.  I have no words for these situations.


Sometimes, there are orphans who someone wanted to adopt, but lack of paperwork and proper systems leave them parentless, and would-be parents are heartbroken.

Sometimes, friendships crumble without restoration on this side of heaven.

Sometimes, parents lose children.  Babies miscarry and daughters age 29 fall prey to deadly disease.

Sometimes, my talk of hope and redemption feels trite.  And while I know it's truth, I cannot see where it applies in these dismal situations.

Sometimes, my life is so charmed and unscathed that I have no right to tell the broken what to do with their suffering.

Sometimes, I know the world could hand me its worst -- poverty, disease, death of loved ones, persecution -- and still, I would have Christ.  Perhaps I would have Him all the more, clinging to Him with fresh epiphany of just how reliant on Him I am.  Sometimes, I know there is nothing to fear, because I'll never be apart from God's love... and if I have that, what else could I need?


I'm not just saying that.  I truly believe that I have nothing to fear on this earth, because I belong to the One in loving charge of it all.  All I could lose on Earth will end anyway, but the Greatest Gift is our Eternal Savior.

(Of course, to find out whether my belief is sincere or  merely intellectual, I'll have to face severe loss.  And I'm not asking for that test of faith.  It will come on it's own in time.  That's life.  I hope I mean what I say.)


But what do you tell someone in light of severe loss, if Christ isn't their greatest treasure?  

See, Who I love most cannot be lost.  My greatest Treasure CANNOT be taken from me.  I don't say that arrogantly.  I am terrible, and I only love Jesus because He reached into my deformed heart and replaced it with one full of Love.  (And He'll do the same for you, if you honestly tell Him how helpless and unable You are to care about Him and all He loves.)

But what do you tell someone who just lost their greatest treasure?
Their child? Their dream? Their joy?

I don't think there are words.

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