Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Sweet Reads...

I have several posts started. 
I can't think straight. 

when your own words fail, what do you do?  
Let someone else talk!!

Here are some worthwhile reads...

“'Never before have parents been so (mistakenly) convinced that their every move has a ripple effect into their child’s future success,' she writes. Paradoxically, Levine maintains, by working so hard to help our kids we end up holding them back."

"I wanted to engage you on a topic that I know many white mothers who adopted African children (or domestically adopted bi-racial children) wonder. That is, in our insecure moments, we wonder (a) Do I have what it takes to raise an African child (because I really do NOT get what it's like to be in the minority---I don't even think minority) and (b) Do all the African American women out there frown upon us having adopted a black child?"

"You don't forget who your brother is -- when you know Who your Father is. [...] If the grace of my life is mostly where I am born, and I am born again into the family of Christ, then how can my life birth anything other than a grace that gives?"

  • That common response to foster care: "I could never  foster, because it'd be to heartbreaking to give the children back."  My friend Leslie's response?  "It's Not About You".  Even if you're not called to foster, there are several great ideas in this post regarding how to help those who do foster.
"What if instead of giving excuses as to why foster care isn't for our family, I started advocating for the child who doesn't have a family."

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