Olympic Fun + Scroll to End for Links & A Chance to Serve

The girls are at such sweet ages now.  I melt as I catch glimpses of them throughout the day.  I snapped this photo of Amelia on Instagram last night, washing her hands after dinner.  Be still my heart.
We let the girls stay up late (late late late!) to watch Uganda and the United States on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Here’s Amelia cheering on Uganda.
And both girls cheering “Go USA!”
And now, some random thoughts and reads for your weekend.
  • Maybe you remember the HIV/AIDS series I wrote years ago. This topic is still dear to my heart, especially in regards to adoption, even though it hasn’t directly affected our family.  So I loved the NBC News article about two HIV patients now virus free.  Is this a cure?
  • Twenty two year old (I think!?) missionary and adoptive mother of two Morgan Hayden needs more people to sponsor children in her Honduran village.  I wrote her incredible story here.  It’s $10 a month.  Click here for instructions about automatic withdrawal from your credit card.

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